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3 Snares of Subtweeting

While it may seem as though subtweeting is a more chartable approach to navigating the world of social media, there are a variety of serious dangers attached to it.
digital mixer

The Best Digital Mixer for Church Might Actually Be Analog

The Behringer X32 the so good it singlehandedly rescued the reputation of the Behringer brand. But is it the best digital mixer for church, or does your church need it, or any digital mixer for that matter?
social media illusion

The Social Media Illusion of Safety and Privacy

What seemed safe now seems insecure, and privacy that we took for granted now seems as though it never existed. Call it the social media illusion.
mobile church

Mobile Church Equipment Your Church Can’t Do Without

The most important thing to remember about gearing up for mobile church is to focus on the ministry of the church.
translation system

How to Select the Best Church Translation System

With our communities changing before our eyes, all of us are faced with the question of how do we reach and serve those in our society that speak a different language. A translation system for the church is a great way to meet that need.
The Ultimate DIY Guide To Mobile Church Equipment

The Ultimate DIY Guide To Mobile Church Solutions

It doesn’t have to cost you 25 grand or more to put together a mobile church setup. (That is what one company was charging for their smallest system.) It just takes knowing what equipment you need and where to get it.
best speakers for church

The Best Speakers For Church – And Where to Put Them

These tips make sure that the best speakers for. church are in the perfect spot every time.

Retro Preaching for High-tech Pastors: I Actually Used a Flannelgraph

Sometimes technology gets in the way. I once tried a retro version of communication: a flannelgraph. It worked.
church giving page

5 Ways to Optimize Your Church Giving Page

I’m sure you’ve experienced a terrible church giving page that left you wondering if the organization even wants your money. Let’s avoid that.

Checklist: Sound Gear You Really Need

No matter what budget your church has, here's what you NEED to have.
Audio-Technica AT2021

The Audio-Technica AT2021 – One Mic, Many Uses

Any musician or church praise band looking to sound their best on stage will want to consider an Audio-Technica microphone, with the AT2021 being one of the top contenders in their lineup.
technology addiction

ZTechnology – It’s an Addiction

As children and family ministry leaders, it's important that we provide parents with tools they can use to guide their Gen Z children in the digital world they are growing up in.
small group leaders

Why You Need to Rethink Small Groups and Small Group Leaders Today

Post-COVID, in a society that has radically and irreversibly changed, maybe it's time to rethink small groups and small group leaders. Here's what you need to know.
weekly worship

7 Ways to Make the Most of Online Weekly Worship

I believe God will use this season to develop in us a healthy longing for online weekly worship gatherings, a longing to participate with one another, to encourage one another.
cyber prayer

Facebook Prayers in the Age of Social Media: Is Anyone Listening?

Traditional prayer is the place we bump into the silence of God. Facebook prayers are how, together, we fill the void apart from the still small voice of the Spirit.
future church prediction

Future Church: 10 Predictions for the Next 10 Years

What will the church, specifically in North America, look like in 10 years? Future church prediction is risky business.
front of house mixing

Front of House Mixing Tutorial With James Attaway

Mixing is mixing, right? Well, no. For anyone who runs sound on Sunday mornings, front of house mixing of live sound presents special challenges. 
sermon videos

Why Not Expand Your Approach to Video Sermons — and Keep Your Congregation Engaged?

Believe it or not, you can create easy, dynamic sermon videos with auto-follow and auto-zoom for a reasonable cost.
video sermons

Say No to Boring, Static Video Sermons With PIXIO and PIXEM!

Automatically film, record, share your services or sermons live — and spread God's Word more easily — with PIXIO/PIXEM.
accelerate church growth

5 Ways Technology Helps Accelerate Church Growth

It takes more than good intentions to accelerate church growth and effectively engage guests in a way that helps them move toward becoming a fully-engaged member.

Ann Voskamp: What We Are Missing in God’s Vision for Hospitality

"It's not about becoming like Julia Child," says Ann Voskamp. "Hospitality is about welcoming in the marginalized as the next child of God."

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