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Articles for Outreach & Missions

Essential Beliefs for New Believers

It's important to follow-up with new believers and clarify the core doctrines of Christianity.

Share Your Best Easter Outreach Idea

Share your best ideas and come back to see what other leaders are saying.

Do Your Services Compel People to Come?

Is your church service compelling enough to draw people in? Tony Morgan gives some ideas on how to find out.

Why Home-Grown Churches?

Thousands of people are going home for church as part of the growing organic church movement. Why?

Outreach: Why Won't My Family Listen?

Witnessing to relatives can be the biggest struggle we have. Larry Moyer offers some encouragement.

‘It’s Got the Boss’s Hand on It’—Country Singer John Rich Says...

Country music star and Christian John Rich says his chart-topping hit, “Revelation,” came directly from God and that “the Boss” told him to write and release it.

Digital Expert Brad Hill Shares With Ed Stetzer What ‘Spiritually Open’...

Brad Hill joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to explain just how valuable a resource the internet can be for pastors and why digital ministry is not merely an on-ramp to get people into church.

Articles for Outreach & Missions