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5 Differences Between a Critical Mind and a Critical Spirit

There is a massive difference between a critical mind and a critical spirit. The former builds up; the latter tears down.

Pastor, Do You Have a Priscilla in Your Church?

The example of men partnering with women in the Bible is a beautiful thing. Paul wrote repeatedly about the women who helped him in his ministry, and Jesus was also helped by faithful women.

Are There Levels in Heaven?

The idea of greater rewards among those blessed in the Kingdom works against the perspective of the text. In God’s kingdom, the blessed—the meek, humble, merciful, etc.—stand in stark contrast with what counts as great in this world.

The Surprising Truth About Doubting

Jesus walked out of a sealed tomb and joined them for lunch. And in spite of all the disciples had experienced some of them doubted. How is such doubting possible?

Tips on Being an Emotionally Intelligent Pastor (From a Christian Psychologist)

As a Christian psychologist, my goal is to show you some startling research and help you understand a few very powerful leadership skills.

6 Key Questions to Ask of Your Sermon Before You Preach it

Before you preach your next sermon, take the time to answer these six questions.

True Confessions of a Pastor’s Kid

What makes a pastor's kid go bad? I have some theories, and my theories are based on what my parents and my PK friends' parents did right more than how other kids went wrong. 

14 Surprising Facts About Pastors

There are plenty of facts about pastors that might surprise you! You know your pastor preaches, officiates weddings and probably has meetings in his office to explain some theological question. But what is the role of a pastor really like?

Eric Geiger: God’s View of Gender Dysphoria

What is God's view of gender dysphoria? Here is what we say to those struggling among us: “We do not dismiss you in your struggle. We know what it is to believe we are not at home in this world.

11 Ways to Ensure You Leave a Legacy That Honors God

It’s no secret: Finishing this life with a legacy that honors God isn’t automatic and certainly isn’t easy. So, in my twenties and thirties and again in my forties, I asked a number of older Christians to show me how it’s done.

One of the Most Important Pastoral Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned

Pastoral leadership is difficult. It’s a grind. It’s a joy. It’s a blessing. Some days, you fall asleep feeling refreshed. Others, you can’t sleep. All this comes with the role.

Great Communicator Series: Powerful Insights for Preachers and Bible Teachers

What skills does it take to be a great communicator in the church? Ed Stetzer sat down with 10 seasoned preachers and Bible teachers to learn what their practices are for crafting and delivering a message.

Use Ash Wednesday To Help You Prepare for Easter

Ash Wednesday is about preparation and the beginning of preparation at that. All of the Lenten season is focused upon preparation for Easter. No matter how we mark the day, whether with ashes on our forehead or with reflection on the meaning of Easter, Jesus invites us to journey on to Easter Sunday with Him.  

Why We Must Put an End to the Stigma of Mental Illness

Everyone is broken. It’s a fact of life that’s not only clear from the pages of the Bible but also from the practical reality of...

5 Things I’ve Learned Since Leaving Full-Time Ministry

Ever wondered if there's life after ministry? Here are some things I’ve learned—in darkness, pain, healing and a new lease on life—since leaving vocational ministry.

Pastor, Use This Checklist for Better Preaching

I am not the best preacher on the planet, but I am passionate about better preaching. Here are a few things that I have learned along the way and things that I am currently trying to implement.

Overcoming Your Fear of Praying in Public

Praying in public may very well be the Christian equivalent of public speaking, which is our greatest fear as the general population. And this fear is not restricted to ordinarily timid people. Even leaders sometimes have trouble leading in prayer.

Conflict in the Church: 7 Biblical Keys to Crisis Management

Every pastor no doubt begins the ministry with the ideal in mind. He will spend his life doing what God called him to do. His days will be spent reading his Bible, praying, telling people about Jesus, and ministering to his church and community.

Great Leaders Lead Through Ambiguity

You can’t plan for everything, and that’s why the greatest leaders are those who can rise to the occasion when everything gets lost in the fog. They can lead thtough amibiugity.

6 Ways to Know If You’ve Been Called By God

We are all called by God. None of us are second-class believers.

Johnny Hunt Sues SBC and Guidepost, Demanding Trial by Jury, Calls...

Former SBC pastor and denominational leader Johnny Hunt filed a lawsuit on Friday (Mar. 17) against the SBC, the SBC Executive Committee, and Guidepost Solutions for defamation and invasion of privacy.

Greg Laurie: How Churches Can Use ‘Jesus Revolution’ for Evangelism

Greg Laurie appears on the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about the true events behind his new movie, “Jesus Revolution,” and how churches can use the film to spread the gospel.

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