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7 Reasons Why Halloween Judgment Houses Often Miss the Mark

I know most Judgment Houses present the gospel at the end. But in the Bible, the good news doesn’t come at the end.

7 Sayings People Mistake for Scripture

These commonWhen we start assigning cultural idioms, catchphrases or ideals to Scripture, it's probably time to make sure that what we're sharing is actually from the Bible. In that vein, here are seven phrases and ideas that people commonly mistake for Scripture but actually come from many different sources.

5 Ways Pastors Can Help Heal the Brokenhearted in Their Care

When we know we're loved by God, we can trust he is with us through any difficulty that comes our way. Here are 5 ways pastors can help those in their care experience God's love. 

10 Ways To Help First-Time Guests Feel Special

You only get one opportunity to leave a good impression and help first-time guests feel special. Here are 10 ways you can help first-time guests feel so special that they want to return. 

How Can God Bring Good Out of Evil?

The world is full of tragedy, pain, and evil. Yet what we learn from the story of Joseph is that we serve a God who is able to bring good out of evil.

Surviving a Church Split – How to Recover from the Heartbreak

I’ve heard the stories of wounded believers who no longer go to church because of the pain of trying to surviving a church split. It happens way too often.

Strategic Flexibility – How Adding “For Now” Will Keep You Relevant Forever

The reason there are so many books, articles, and blogs on strategic flexibility is because we can’t seem to embrace one simple, two-word concept.

4 Thoughts on What Captures God’s Attention

There are certain attitudes, postures, and behaviors that capture God's attention. He stops the course of time and history and bends low to the affairs of men.

7 Ways to Lose Ministry Volunteers

If ministry volunteers aren’t validated in the ministry you lead, then they will look for another place where they are.

3 Snares of Subtweeting

While it may seem as though subtweeting is a more chartable approach to navigating the world of social media, there are a variety of serious dangers attached to it.

The Importance of Long Term Vision

If we had a long term vision I think we would see how important it is to grow leaders from within rather than constantly trying to pick fruit off of other people’s trees.

The Spiritual Wilderness Is Not a Waste – 4 Reasons

The wilderness experience pushes us to the edge of despair and giving up. We feel our limits, insufficiency and inability to deliver ourselves.

The 59 One Anothers in the Bible

There are 59 “ one another ” statements in the New Testament. That’s right, 59. That’s just under 60 exhortations in Scripture to actually “do” something toward another person.

Led by the Spirit – What Does it Mean?

Every true believer is being led by the Spirit of God. We are led away from our sin and into paths of righteousness. This is what it means to be led by the Spirit of God.

Pastor – Take This Sleep Deprived Quiz

One third of all Americans are sleep deprived. I imagine pastors exceed that percentage. Take this sleep deprived quiz. Mentally check below the statements that apply to you.

3 Reasons Why the Way You Treat Your Spouse Matters

The way you treat your spouse reveals their value to you. We naturally prioritize and praise what we value. Our kids see this.

8 Reasons It’s Harder to Raise PK’s Today

The Internet has sometimes exposed pastor's kids to painful internal church conflict. More than one pastor has faced opposition spread through the Internet and social media. No matter how hard pastors try to shield their families, it’s almost impossible to protect PK's completely.

Conflict in the Church: 7 Biblical Keys to Crisis Management

Every pastor no doubt begins the ministry with the ideal in mind. He will spend his life doing what God called him to do. His days will be spent reading his Bible, praying, telling people about Jesus, and ministering to his church and community.

God Told Me I Was to Come to Your Church Staff — and Other Crazy Stuff Like That

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world…” (I John 4:1)

Sinners in the Hands of Willy Wonka

The harm of sin is not lawbreaking, but that it mars the image of God in us. Sin is bad because it is bad for us.

Wife Who Fought to ‘Save Saeed’ Says Christian Leaders Failed to...

Naghmeh Panahi, who fought to "Save Saeed" Abedini, her pastor husband who had been imprisoned in Iran, now claims that key Christian leaders, including Franklin Graham, failed to act on her claims that Abedini was physically and emotionally abusive to her.

Brian Tome: What It Was Like to Pastor Through the ‘Worst...

“You can go through a desert," says Brian Tome, "and not lose your faith and still be used by God, even though you don't feel like you're being used by God.”

Articles for Pastors