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Articles for Pastors

19 Famous Quotes About God’s Love

Every pastor should be a herald of God's love. His toolkit should include famous quotes about god's love, because it lays at the heart of the gospel.

An Indelible Collection of Eugene Peterson Quotes

Reading through Eugene Peterson quotes will give your faith a shot in the arm. The author of the Message Bible and a handful of other books certainly knew how to communicate deep spiritual truths thoughtfully.

5 Ways to Encourage Pastors

How should we minister to those still serving on the front lines of the church? Two words sum up what is desperately needed now more than ever: encourage pastors.

5 Reasons Why Playing It Safe Is Not a Good Idea

The truth is, we are responsible for leading, and the nature of effective leadership is not a safe proposition. Leadership takes new territory; it moves us into the unknown. Playing it safe doesn’t work.

Meeting With God – We Need a Spiritual Altar

Altars were significant in the Old Testament for meeting with God. They are mentioned over two hundred times.

7 Things Your Kids Will Remember About You

Guess what? Kids will remember what they love about you. As parents, we tend to stress about things that actually don’t matter that much, but here are 7 important things in life that your kids will not forget!

10 Heartaches of Being a Pastor

A pastor's heart often goes through heartache. I make no claim that pastors are perfect people. We can be arrogant and uncaring at times. But at the same time, most pastors I know are genuine, faithful followers of God who love their congregations.

I Work Alone – Really? Does Leadership Have To Be Lonely?

In preparing for a meeting among pastors, a friend of mine asked me to reflect on the meaning of friendship for a church leader. Friendship matters. "I work alone" might be OK in a movie, but it's a terrible idea in the ministry.

Why It Takes Five to Seven Years to Become the Pastor of a Church

"I wish we could snap our fingers and enjoy immediate trust. But, in most churches, it just is not going to happen quickly. It will take five to seven years."

How to Thrive Through Transition

The bottom line, hard-to-believe truth is that the path to thriving faith on the other side of any transition—including this pandemic—is plain, but many won’t take it. My observations from over two decades, combined with real sociological data, are surprising.

If You Understand Inflation You Can Protect Your Church

Although in the local church world, we may not see its impact right away, it is going to affect your church and mine. Does your church leadership understand inflation?

3 Key Church Leadership Failures

Today’s church leaders are often taught that “leadership is everything,” If that’s the case, then church leaders must be willing to step back and see these church leadership failures.

Porn: The Subtle Anesthesia

The Catechism states that the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, but most of the time, if I’m honest, there has been little to no enjoyment of Him. In fact, in the midst of my porn addiction, there was often no enjoyment of anything at all.

Be Anxious for Nothing — Yes, but How?

The good news is that we can learn the things that make for peace. When we learn to pray the Jesus way, filled with thanksgiving, we can learn how to be anxious for nothing.

How to Identify ‘People Helpers’ in Your Church

Studies have shown that individuals in need of mental and emotional health assistance can be helped just as well by lay counselors and caregivers as by professionals in these areas, so gifted church members can be a resource to pastors in sharing this load.

How to Handle Chronic Critics in Your Church

The five insights below from Nehemiah’s response to his chronic critics give us a good template to follow when we’re criticized.

Between Legalism and Antinomianism

So we must put away our legalism and our antinomianism. We must agree with Scripture, nature, and most of the reformers. Both legalism and antinomianism must be rejected for the sake of truth.

7 Reasons Why Church Leaders Abuse People

We need to look closely at why some church leaders abuse people, and take every necessary action to stop the abuse, see to healing of the abused, aim for restoration and discipleship of the leader, and be proactive in preventing any opportunity for abuse to occur in the church by its leaders.

14 Things NOT to Say to Your Pastor

There are simply some things not to say to your pastor. The list is meant to be both humorous (and serious). And I bet almost every pastor has heard all of these in the course of a ministry.

How God Works In Your Life

If you want to know how God works, and if you want God to work in your life, you have to be part of the church.

Adam Wyatt: How To Be a Biblical Patriot, Not a Christian...

Dr. Adam Wyatt joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about how the Bible supports the idea of loving one’s country–but not nationalism–and how pastors can navigate this volatile topic.

Articles for Pastors