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praying church

The Subtle Danger of a Good Distraction From a Praying Church

The devil does not have to destroy church leaders, he only has to distract them from leading a praying church.
3 Thoughts on the Differences Between 'Being Biblical' and 'Being Political'

3 Thoughts on the Differences Between ‘Being Biblical’ and ‘Being Political’

When speaking about a social issue, the pastor can be affirmed for being “biblical” by people who are politically passionate about that viewpoint and then be accused of being “political” by those same people when sharing something that is contrary to their political viewpoint.
first impression

How Pastors Can Make a Good First Impression

How you manage first impressions is critical to the health of the church. And leading the church includes being acutely aware of the first impression.

The Church Is More Than a Content Producer

If you really want your church to have a “full recovery,” at some point you will have to remove the crutches. While producing helpful online content for church members is valuable, it can also be a hindrance to real relationships that churches need.
10 Great Ways to Give People Hope

10 Great Ways to Give People Hope

Having encouraged hundreds of people over the years, I have discovered 10 great ways to give people hope. You need all 10 emotions in your “bag of hope” if you’re going to be effective.
Finding Someone to Walk With You as a Pastor

Finding Someone to Walk With You as a Pastor

If you are a pastor, you need some kind of accountability. Someone to walk with you as a pastor. You know it. You also need friends, people who care for you, shepherd you and walk with you and your wife.

Five Early Findings From Churches That Are Regathering

While we are not yet seeing even half of the churches regathering, more are added each week. It thus behooves us to get these early reports. Those that are open will be making adjustments. Those that are not yet opened can plan accordingly.

Microsoft Teams: Safe, Secure, and Strong

You have access to an incredibly powerful tool called Microsoft Teams. Odds are you’ve had access for a while and just didn’t know it.
come back to church

10 Reasons to Come Back to Church After COVID-19

We need to reflect on the importance of our gatherings so that our desire to meet grows instead of atrophying. So unless you’re someone who needs to stay home for health reasons, here are ten reasons to come back to church.
spiritual passion

How to Turn Up Spiritual Passion When Your Heart Grows Cold

When the days get darker, the great temptation for us is to become half-hearted Christians, to follow Christ at a distance. Things are getting tougher out there, but it's time to turn up your spiritual passion instead.
best church leaders

8 Characteristics of the Best Church Leaders I’ve Seen During the COVID Crisis

I’ve written a lot about characteristics of the best leaders I know. Here are some of the characteristics I’ve seen in strong leaders during the COVID crisis:
mistake for Scripture

7 Sayings People Mistake for Scripture

These commonWhen we start assigning cultural idioms, catchphrases or ideals to Scripture, it's probably time to make sure that what we're sharing is actually from the Bible. In that vein, here are seven phrases and ideas that people commonly mistake for Scripture but actually come from many different sources.
submission in the Bible

5 Things Men Should Know About Submission

Submission in the Bible is one of the most controversial, misused, and misunderstood marriage teachings. Men in particular need to keep these five things in mind.
leadership clichés

3 Leadership Clichés I Never Use

The reason leadership maxims gain traction among leaders is that they are generally helpful. Pithy statements that summarize principles are both memorable and instructive. But not all leadership clichés can be trusted.

How Often Should Preachers Practice Their Sermon?

Three factors have made the biggest positive difference for me: preparing my heart before the Lord, scheduling adequate study time to avoid feeling rushed, and practicing preaching my sermon.
Geneva Commons

Complementarians in Closed Rooms

Comments on a Facebook group called "Geneva Commons" took aim at author Aimee Byrd, a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. The comments point out the denomination's need to address misogyny in its ranks.
pastor salary

Pastors and Pay: A How-To Guide for Negotiating Your Salary

It seems awfully unspiritual to talk about the pastor salary, especially during the candidating process. But our rejection of greediness does not constitute a vow of poverty. Here are a few thoughts, especially if you’re considering a pastoral transition.
preaching to a camera

5 Things I Am Preaching to Myself While Preaching to a Camera

When preaching to a camera, it can easily feel like I am preaching to God’s people without being among God’s people. I long for those days again, but in the meantime, here are five things I am preaching to myself as I am preaching to a camera.

7 Reasons Why Church People Criticize Pastors

People criticize pastors. It's just how it goes. But understanding why they do so can help us deal with criticism better. Here are seven reasons why church people criticize pastors, as well as suggestions for how to respond.
black man

Counsel From a Black Pastor to the Church

Being a Christian, a pastor of a local church, and a black man has given me a unique vantage point on life. As a pastor I am called to lead believers to the Holy Scriptures so that we may all learn to imitate Christ and grow in Christ-likeness.

Latest News

North Point Church ‘Cannot Guarantee’ Safety, Won’t Reopen This Year

North Point Church Pastor Andy Stanley said the decision was made based on the uptick of COVID-19 cases in the area, the results of attendee surveys, and the experiences of similar-sized churches that have already reopened.

New Podcasts

Jeff Reed: Actually, Digital Church Is All About Relationships

You might think of digital church as being impersonal. But Jeff Reed says, "The strength of online church is relationships."