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What Does It Mean to Fear God?

Martin Luther made the distinction between what he called a servile fear and a filial fear.

Greatest Joys of Pastoring

Seeing radical transformation of lives...
Pastors Wives

10 Unfair Expectations of Pastors Wives

The pastor’s wife in many churches carries heavy burdens.

Ten Myths Pastors Believe About Prayer (Part 2)

Some may assume that a desire to produce a prayer-oriented church means that anything done to pursue this goal will work.
Leadership Influence

Beyond Celebrity Pastors: Why Your Leadership Influence Matters Now

God does not call us to be successful, but he does call us to be faithful.
Biblical Truths

Ten Biblical Truths a Lot of God’s People Don’t Really Believe

So many biblical truths look good on paper and sound great when we’re spouting them. And yet, judging by the way we live, the Lord’s people probably do not believe the following…

Excuse Me, Pastor: Your Anxiety Problem Is Showing

Most of my life I've been a "high-functioning" anxious person, meaning I've always had unhealthy amounts of anxiety but have largely learned to keep it repressed. Except for the time I couldn't keep it repressed.

Ten Myths Pastors Believe About Prayer (Part 1)

Unfortunately, in prayer ministry over the years I have found some false beliefs that exist among pastors about prayer and about prayer ministry.

29 Mistakes Churches Make With Money

Budgeting on faith rather than past performance.
Brooklyn Tabernacle

Brooklyn Tabernacle: The Church That Prayer Built

God is moving in Austin, and around the country, through a prayer movement

When Pastors Misplace Their Identity: 10 Probing Questions

"No one is more influential in your life than you are, because no one talks to you more than you do.”

Before You Fire Your Pastor

Stated simply, too many pastors are getting fired. It feels like an epidemic.

How Do Older Leaders Follow Young Leaders?

As an older and more experienced leader, you have a powerful opportunity to impact that young leader, your church and the Kingdom of God in a big way.

What to Do When You Hear: “I’m So Disappointed in You”

Some of the most painful words a human can hear are, “You let me down,” and “I’m disappointed in you.”
church life meme

18 Hilarious Church Life Memes for Pastors

When you're deep into church life...these memes are hilarious.
11 Practices Of Pastors Whose Churches Have Sustained Health And Growth

11 Practices of Pastors Whose Churches Have Sustained Health and Growth

Some of these will be unpopular but I have seen WAY TOO MANY pastors needlessly fail and I’m sick of it.
As Preparation Increases, Stress Decreases

As Preparation Increases, Stress Decreases

Where do you need to increase your preparation so you can decrease your stress?
3 Different Views of Restoring a Fallen Pastor

3 Different Views of Restoring a Fallen Pastor

Can a fallen ministry leader be restored to a ministry position?
Reluctant Leadership Is Better than Nothing

Reluctant Leadership Is Better Than Nothing

“What does a Christian do when a few people assume control of the Lord’s church and are destroying it?”
Criticize Joel Osteen

Do Christians Have a Right to Criticize Joel Osteen?

I am not a supporter or follower of Joel Osteen for my own personal reasons, but I respectfully want to give a word of warning and advice to all the Christ-followers.

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Kurt Warner: Football Hall of Fame Inductee and Lover of Jesus

Kurt Warner accepted Christ at 25 years old and realized that he was meant for more than touchdown passes and winning football games.

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Jarrid Wilson: De-Stigmatizing Mental Illness in the Church

“If the local church really wants to be the hope of the world, then the local church needs to step into areas in which the world finds itself hopeless: Mental health." - Jarrid Wilson