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Scripture or Experience, Which Matters Most?

Do you use Scripture to evaluate experience, or do you use your experience to evaluate Scripture? The big issue, however, is what is primary.
loving Jesus

You Can’t Love Jesus Without Loving His Local Church

Have you ever heard someone say, “I am into Jesus, but I hate church"?
Romans 13

3 Views of Submission to Government From Romans 13

Take a more careful look at Romans 13 and hopefully bring out some nuance that I fear many modern American Christians have lost when it comes to Paul’s interaction with Caesar.
new wine

This Is Why You Don’t Put New Wine in an Old Wineskin

Don’t be satisfied with the old wine of your traditions and risk refusing the new wine of Christ’s grace. If you are pertinaciously clinging to an inappropriate, legalistic tradition, there’s something you can do today… let it go!
preach to a camera

7 Secrets When You Preach to a Camera

You feel their energy. You read body language to know if they are engaged. You know if you are going too long or if you are connecting or not. And then covid hit. Now you preach to a camera in an empty room.

Toxic Politics and the Third Way

These are no longer peripheral issues we can ignore. Politics affects us even when we are sleeping.
false teachers

False Teachers and the People Who Follow Them

Some false teachers aren’t just misinformed. Some are narcissistic and proud. Some are evil. Not everyone who has something to say about God is motivated by good. Their character is off. Their devotion to God is fake. Some have the appearance of godliness, but deny its power.
preacher's wife

What Not to Say to a Preacher’s Wife

"If we call your husband, what do you bring to the church? Getting a good preacher’s wife is like getting two for the price of one." And over 50 things to NEVER say to a preacher's wife.
leave vocational ministry

3 Reasons Ministry Leaders Will Leave Vocational Ministry During the Pandemic

Early stats are being thrown out as to the number of ministry leaders (not just senior pastors) who will leave vocational ministry during this pandemic and immediately following.
God's wrath

There Is No Peace Without God’s Wrath

The truth of God’s wrath is the assurance that one day there will be justice. God Himself will bring it, and this is the basis on which we can exercise restraint, even in the painful situations where we cannot get justice now.
A Powerful Lesson from Jesus in Handling Conflict

A Powerful Lesson from Jesus in Handling Conflict

How do you handle conflict? When you’re facing conflict in life and leadership—when you’re angry—take time to make a whip. It changes everything. 
toxic church culture

Help!, My Pastor Grooms Power with Fear

A toxic church culture may well appear to everyone as successful, strategic, innovative, observably Christian and biblical, and worthy of emulation.
paul's prayers

10 Powerful Prayers the Apostle Paul Prayed Over God’s People

The prayers of Paul for God's people are a fascinating study. It's interesting to observe the requests Paul makes because he is very focused on people's hearts and minds being conformed to Christ.
reinvent church

5 Vital Elements That We Can’t Miss As We Reinvent Church

It’s possible that the Church will change more in one year than it has in the last fifty years. In many ways, this year has shown us a need to reinvent church as we know it.
The Essence of Pastoral Ministry

The Essence of Pastoral Ministry

If forced to summarize the essence of pastoral ministry into one word, I’d go with delight. That’s a far different answer than I would have given in my younger years.

Sleep: The “Tech” Every Leader Needs

Many leaders, especially pastors, try to lead without getting adequate sleep and live with a sleepy leader’s brain. When we don’t get enough sleep, our brains don’t work as well. Thus, we don’t lead at our best.
theological education

Apostolic Authority and Online Theological Education

Is an online theological education course or program biblical? Would the Apostles approve of such a thing?
seeking healing

Top 10 Healing Do’s and Don’ts

For the Christian seeking healing, I hope these healing do’s and don’ts are full of faith and hope, but also a healthy dose of common sense and reality.
Romans chapter 8

I Want to Live in Romans Chapter 8

If you’ve turned from sin, from self, from unbelief to trust and follow Jesus, welcome to the neighborhood! You’re going to love living in Romans chapter 8!
preach a text

How to Preach a Text You Don’t Fully Understand

If you're engaged in expository preaching, chances are you've had to teach on a passage you don't fully understand.

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South Bend City Church—a 4-year-old church that draws on a number of Christian traditions for its music, messages and mantras — has been meeting at the minor league ballpark since the novel coronavirus pandemic threw a curveball into large gatherings like worship services.

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