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leadership lessons

Pastors Who Make $25 a Month: What I Learned About Leadership From Them

By focusing on leadership development, we leveraged our short time there by pouring into the pastors themselves. All together, we served about 150 pastors that represented conservatively over 8,000 people in their churches.
church leadership

God Doesn’t Call the Qualified … or Does He?

There’s a popular church leadership meme being bandied around social media platforms making the following claim: “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.”
Filament Collection

Groundbreaking Innovation Promotes Bible Reading and Study

So, how can pastors and church leaders promote biblical literacy and reading the Bible regularly? what they are reading. Tyndale has launched The Filament Collection, a highly relevant suite of Bibles that combines readability, portability, study materials, and devotional depth.
children's ministry

An Open Letter to Pastors About Children’s Ministry

The church is made up of many different ministries. All of them are vitally important. I want to share with you why I believe Children's Ministry is one of the most vital.
Christians and alcohol

How We Stop Short in the Debate on Christians and Alcohol

How We Stop Short in the Debate on Christians and Alcohol - The problem with the debate of alcohol is every person I have heard preach against it has stopped short of the real problem alcohol represents.
Easter sermons

101 Easter Sermons and Ideas for Your Church

With these 101 Easter sermons and ideas for your church, you'll be ready to celebrate our risen Savior this year!
Billy Graham

10 Best Things Billy Graham Ever Said

"America's pastor" has gone on to be will the Lord, but his legacy will live on for generations. These are the 10 best Billy Graham quotes.

What Are the Origins of Lent?

In late winter, many Christian denominations observe a 40-day period of fasting and prayer called Lent. This is in preparation for the spring celebration of Easter, a religious holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
church after covid-19

Church After Covid-19: Three Hard Realities the Church Must Face

We’ve all realized the impact of this crisis will not be measured in weeks or even months, but years. Consider three realities the church must face as we prepare for church after Covid-19.

Shame, Grace and #STOPtheSTEAL

(RNS) — Charles Dickens’ 1861 novel "Great Expectations" tells the story of Pip, a poor, rural orphan boy who is taught to be ashamed...

How to Create a Culture of Empowerment Without Entitlement

Empowerment is generally considered a positive concept, but an attitude of entitlement typically carries a negative connotation. Is it possible that the space between the two is blurry at times?
things NOT to say to your Pastor

14 Things NOT to Say to Your Pastor

There are simply some things not to say to your pastor. The list is meant to be both humorous (and serious). And I bet almost every pastor has heard all of these in the course of a ministry.
evangelical Christianity

Why These Pastors Cannot Agree on the Church’s Role in America’s Divisive Politics 

The three churches have much in common. All of them condemn the desecration of the Capitol and pray for a way to find common ground. But they diverge on a central issue: What is the role of evangelical Christianity in America's divisive politics? 

5 Negative Church-Leader Mindsets About Funding

As church leaders, there is a connection between our beliefs on generosity, fundraising, funding, giving, and what happens in our churches. We must identify inherently negative ways of thinking and replace these thoughts with the mindset God desires of us. 
living together

So We’re Unmarried but Living Together—What’s the Big Deal?

Cohabitation is becoming more widely accepted as an alternative to marriage, the result that marriage is being delayed or disregarded altogether. Cohabitation is here to stay. How do we counsel those for whom living together is the expected norm?

Seven Reasons Why Church Leaders Abuse People

We need to look closely at why some church leaders abuse people, and take every necessary action to stop the abuse, see to healing of the abused, aim for restoration and discipleship of the leader, and be proactive in preventing any opportunity for abuse to occur in the church by its leaders.

Between Legalism and Antinomianism

So we must put away our legalism and our antinomianism. We must agree with Scripture, nature, and most of the reformers. Both legalism and antinomianism must be rejected for the sake of truth.
absence of trust

The Absence of Trust : 4 Keys to Rebuild When It’s Broken

Trust is foundational to all communal endeavors—whether they revolve around accomplishing an organizational objective, or making a marriage work. In the absence of trust, your team cannot succeed.
church attendance

Post Pandemic…Get Ready for the Church Attendance BOOM, New Study Says

As America marks one year of pandemic-related shutdowns this week, new research offers encouragement for pastors wondering whether in-person church attendance will eventually bounce back.
Complicating Ministry: The Smaller The Church, The Simpler We Need To Keep It

Stop Complicating Ministry: The Smaller the Church, the Simpler We Need to Keep It

Simplifying things almost always is, no matter what size church you serve, but especially if the church is small (whatever number you consider a small church to be).

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Liberty Sues Jerry Falwell Jr., Seeking Millions in Damages

Liberty University has filed a civil lawsuit against its former leader, Jerry Falwell Jr., seeking millions in damages after the two parted ways acrimoniously last year.

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LGBTQ and the Church Podcast Series: A Conversation We Need to...

Our latest podcast series, "LGBTQ and the Church," takes on what has already been an important conversation—and it is only growing more urgent that church leaders engage in this discussion with love and wisdom.