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5 Tips on Leaving a Church the Right Way

Leaving a church can be tricky. Based on my experience with people leaving our church or coming to our church after quitting another one, most people don’t go about it well.

10 Things Your Wife Won’t Tell You She Needs

Your wife needs these 10 things but she won't tell you about them. If you’ve ever thought, “I just can’t figure her out” maybe this post can be a launching pad to deeper conversations with your spouse.

Six Things Pastors Should Say in Every Sermon

To address the reality of the unreached and those lacking knowledge among us, here are six things pastors should say in every sermon.

10 Leadership Lessons From Mary (the Mother of Jesus)

Have you ever considered this Christmas passage from Luke as a guide to leadership lessons from Mary, the mother of Jesus? Read through the account of the angel's visit to Mary—see if you can't discover something about how God calls us to leadership.

10 Powerful Prayers the Apostle Paul Prayed Over God’s People

The prayers of Paul for God's people are a fascinating study. It's interesting to observe the requests Paul makes because he is very focused on people's hearts and minds being conformed to Christ.

12 Things A Church Pastor Cannot Do

There are 12 things a church pastor cannot do. Pastors are amazing people and, in faith, they can do a lot...just not these things.

10 Leadership Statements That Often Come From a Heart of Pride

Many times what may appear to us—or we may label as—a leadership style or personality is actually a leader’s personal battle—and sin—of pride. And pride is very dangerous.

25 Really Strange Things Church Members Say to Pastors

It’s not a boring vocation because the things church members say to pastors are just...hilarious. If you serve as a pastor or church staff member, there is rarely a boring moment.

10 Great Ways to Give People Hope

Having encouraged hundreds of people over the years, I have discovered 10 great ways to give people hope. You need all 10 emotions in your “bag of hope” if you’re going to be effective.

Pastors and Pay: A How-To Guide for Negotiating Your Salary

It seems awfully unspiritual to talk about the pastor salary, especially during the candidating process. But our rejection of greediness does not constitute a vow of poverty. Here are a few thoughts, especially if you’re considering a pastoral transition.

5 Lies Preachers Believe About Preaching

A pastor’s normal excessive scrutiny about his preaching is bad enough, but it is made worse when these five lies about preaching are believed.

Spiritual Stupidity: 10 Things a Pastor Should NOT Do

If you aspire to ministry, there are things a pastor should not do. Don’t be stupid. Decide now to avoid these obvious pitfalls.

My Single Biggest Regret From a Lifetime of Ministry

"I am not groveling in self-pity. I tell this in the hope that younger ministers will see themselves in this and not make the mistakes I did."

7 Things That Show How and Why Jesus Chose His Friends

"A person’s destiny is often determined by those closest to them in regards to quality time spent, mutual goals and common purpose."

Who Really Cares If Pastors Quit?

Edify Leaders, a pastoral care and ministry coaching organization, has gone on high alert in response to an alarming report by Barna Research that 51% of mainline pastors are considering quitting the ministry.

How Research on Learning Leads to Better Preaching

Jesus illustrates to us how we can best effect durable learning by better preaching. But ultimately it requires a learner’s active engagement and God’s work to effect transformation.

13 Signs You’re an Angry Pastor

The only difference between anger and danger is the letter “D.” This is especially true for an angry pastor. Over the past three decades, I have encountered several pastors with anger issues. The stories never ended well.

5 Overlooked Cultural Sins Threatening the Church

We may find that we’ve been blind to more subtle and subversive influences that are having a greater impact on the church than the issues that consume us.

7 Spiritual Consequences of Living a Busy, Hurried Life

Culture’s obsession with busyness and hurriedness isn’t just a scheduling problem. It’s a heart problem. It’s time to consider what a hurried life is costing us. And, make no mistake, the cost is enormous.

Let’s Stop Over-Interpreting Agape vs Phileo

It's not agape vs phileo: Both agape and phileo can be used as synonyms, and it is the usage in the context of conversation or narration that tells us the degree of love or the object of love in focus.

‘My God Is an Awesome God’: Former Satanist Comes to Jesus

This past weekend, an unlikely convert’s story of coming to faith in Jesus went viral on Facebook. Carl Sartor, 35, shared about how he went from being a Satanist for five years to being baptized this past November. 

Mike Cosper: What ‘The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill’ Means...

Mike Cosper joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share his experience creating the "The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill" and his thoughts on what church leaders should take away from the series.

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