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Leading your church is not only about preaching and teaching, but it is also about your relationship with Jesus. You will also find inspiration, encouragement, and help to keep your relationship with God strong and vibrant.

female bible teachers

What We Are Learning Training Women to Teach

The church needs female Bible teachers. Here are some key lessons we are learning as we endeavor to train women to handle the Word rightly.
How to Master the Language of Leadership

How to Master the Language of Leadership

If the response to your leadership message is a blank stare, it could be that you have not yet mastered the language of leadership.

When Paul Says, ‘Put on the new man’ What Does That Mean?

Sometimes familiar language in the Bible loses its meaning because it is so familiar. One example is Paul’s command to “put on the new...

Shepherd and Lead the Teacher in You

Kenton Beshore (my predecessor and pastor emeritus at our church) and I meet every other week for lunch, and I always learn something. Recently...

Stepping Out of the Shadows

It would be easy to bemoan the state of the world in which we live. 2019 was a year of momentous change with the...

Advent Lessons in a Genealogy: Jesus is for Gentiles Too

The gospel of of Matthew was the first biblical book to be written in over 400 years. And Matthew breaks the centuries of silence with…a genealogy

Body Mindfulness

When in the fullness of time the beat of my heart must falter and fail, give me this grace, dear Lord: that my response shall not be petulance that it does not last forever, but gratitude that it has served me long and well.
5 Questions for Great Stage Communication

5 Questions for Great Stage Communication

As a leader, you must have good communication, it may be to 30, 300, or 3,000, but there simply is no option. How effective you are is up to you.
On Cultivating the Daily Habit of Prayer

On Cultivating the Daily Habit of Prayer

One of our axioms at Gravity Leadership is that whatever God does THROUGH you he also does IN you. There is a holistic and organic connection...
small church

Small Churches Are the Next Big Thing—With One Condition

If a small church can provide opportunities for genuine relationships with God and among the church members, such churches can be the vanguard of a new church movement. But this opportunity comes with one big condition.
young pastors

7 Ways to Help a Young Preacher With Finances

At this stage of my career, I’m especially grateful for those who helped me in those days with my financial responsibilities. Based on my own experiences, here are some ways to help young pastors.
Your Marriage

Your Marriage Is Your Most Important Ministry

I don’t want to only be a “great Christian” or a “great pastor,” but I long to be a “great husband.”
unhealthy friendship

7 Trademarks of an Unhealthy Friendship

"I wish I could go back in time and pull words out of the ears of my wife, children and friends, but in that moment, I was blind."
Church Leaders

4 Systems Church Leaders Should Care About

Some church leaders resist systems because systems can feel “unspiritual” or “corporate.” I have heard the critique for years.

A Half-Learned Christ

In a day in which we are inundated with counterfeit gospels, counterfeit spirituality, counterfeit religions, and counterfeit devotional practices it is important for us...

When Your Wound Is the Gift

You might have seen the recent conversation between Late Show host Stephen Colbert and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. They were discussing how to deal with grief...

10 Basic Relationship Skills

Getting along with people can be more complicated than it appears especially for a leader. If it were easy, everybody would be good at...

7 Secrets Your Pastors Wish They Could Tell You (But Probably Won’t)

Have you been wondering how to encourage your pastor? There are several things you can keep in mind to support your pastor through the daily challenges of ministry.
love of God

The Love of God…More Than a Second-Hand Emotion

Love as we understand it is typically associated with feelings that come and go. One pop song tells us that love is a sweet, old-fashioned notion and a second-hand emotion. But the biblical picture of love is much more breathtaking than this.

13 Signs of a Church Anyone Would Want to Pastor

As I listened to this Godly lady thank the congregation for 33 years of love shown to her, her husband, their children, and now grandchildren, I developed a picture of the type of church anyone would want to pastor.

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Pastor John Gray’s No Good, Very Bad Year

Pastor John Gray and Relentless Church are currently facing two lawsuits. But that's not the only bad thing that's happened over this last year to the embattled pastor and his wife.

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Daniel Henderson: How to Lead Your People in Prayer

“We know that prayer is one of our primary priorities in ministry," says Daniel Henderson, "but it’s hard to lead where you’ve not gone yourself.”