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healthy stability

How to Gain a Healthy Stability During a Time of Disruption

In this COVID season, the sustained disruption in so much of the life and ministry of a local church has many leaders off-balance, and we can end up leading tentatively. As leaders, we crave a certain degree of stability. That which we know, love and are accustomed to.
civil love

Civil War. Civil Rights. Civil Love.

As I listen to Christian brothers and sisters in the black community, I think that I am hearing the need for civil love. Respect us. Listen to us. Weep with us. Pray for us. Suffer with us. Identify with us. Speak up for us.
Made Right by Christ, NOT Your Church's Reopening Plan

Made Right by Christ, NOT Your Church’s Reopening Plan

Leaders, as you make decisions as the Lord leads you and your team, please be cautious that you don’t use your plans as the ultimate source of unity or as what proves how much you love God.
5 Misconceptions About Pastors' Wives

5 Misconceptions About Pastors’ Wives

Misconceptions About Pastors' Wives - Although you and your husband are one flesh, you are not the same person. The way God made you is different than how he made your husband. God knew what he was doing in putting the two of you together. He doesn’t make mistakes.
church members say

25 Really Strange Things Church Members Say to Pastors

It’s not a boring vocation because the things church members say to pastors are just...hilarious. If you serve as a pastor or church staff member, there is rarely a boring moment.
Ten Great Books on Worship You Should Read

Ten Great Books on Worship You Should Read

Worship leaders must continually stay fresh in our work. One great way is to read books on worship. I have compiled a two-part list of some of the best books on worship for you to read.
chms mistakes

Are You Making These 3 Mistakes with your Church Management Software?

Clients have described their three main areas of ChMS mistakes as Wrong Choice, Incorrect Implementation, and Insufficient Training.
Un-Dragoned by the Lion

Un-Dragoned by the Lion

What we need more than anything else, during the time of our pilgrimage here, is to be un-dragoned by the lion.
7 More Evidences We Might Be Stuck in the Christian Bubble

7 More Evidences We Might Be Stuck in the Christian Bubble

I’ve previously written about believers being stuck in the Christian bubble, and I think I try hard not to get caught there.
following jesus

Glenn Packiam: If Your Faith Is Real, You Will Fight Injustice

There is a tendency among evangelicals to misunderstand what following Jesus really means. Preaching from the book of James, Pastor Glenn Packiam explains that true faith is inextricably linked to obeying God—and consequently to fighting for justice.
Ode to the Ordinary Pastor

Ode to the Ordinary Pastor

When at last we no longer see through this glass dimly, and we perceive more of the ways of God than we are now fitted to see, then we will gaze at the eternal impact of one ordinary pastor with an ordinary ministry.
6 Must-Ask Questions to Help Find Your Personal Calling

6 Must-Ask Questions to Help Find Your Personal Calling

As we locate the warm embers of God’s personal calling inside ourselves, we must faithfully fan those flames. God desires for a sense of mission to burn within us, driving us forward in the perilous journey we call life.
How to Lead 3 Different Groups Back to Church

How to Lead 3 Different Groups Back to Church

Will you lead your people back to church? Who is coming back to church, and when? Then again, is it really about “coming back?” In principle...
3 Reasons Leaders Are Made, Not Born

3 Reasons Leaders Are Made, Not Born

This is not a new debate, not a new opening discussion question, and not a new title for an article or section in a book. Wise writers often hedge with a “surely both” response, but I believe leaders are made.
How to Plan a Sunday Morning Service Outside

How to Plan a Sunday Morning Service Outdoor Gathering

In recent days, Christians have longed not for the return to a sacred space, but the return to a sacred assembly. We long to...
Fire in My Bones

Fire in My Bones

This fire in my bones is a holy intensity to explain and promote the truth of the living God, come what may. Let me reflect on what this idea has meant in my life and ministry.

Making Peace With Death

Making peace with death means we understand why death is unnatural. Christianity offers both the reason for death, as well as its solution.
racial tension

Robert Morris: Why Many White Christians Don’t Understand Racial Tension

Morris' powerful illustration works to show a root reason for the current racial tension and arguments around racism embroiling the U.S.: “We have a problem in our country, mainly because white people don’t understand."
struggle with mental health

Increasing Struggle With Mental Health … 3 Thoughts for Church Leaders

While we were rightly concerned about surges in Covid-19 cases, we should also be concerned about the surges in the struggle with mental health, specifically anxiety and depression.
shelter care

She Left Her Job to Help Sex Trafficking Survivors. This Is What She Learned.

Thirteen years ago, Jeanne Allert's life was changed when she was invited to do outreach to sexually exploited women in need of shelter care. Since then, Allert has learned a great deal about how to provide such care—and about what the church can do to help.

Latest News

SCOTUS Ruling Approves More Exemptions to Birth Control Mandate

The SCOUTS ruling, a victory for the Trump administration and the Catholic charity Little Sisters of the Poor, weakens the ACA's so-called contraceptive mandate, which has faced years of legal challenges.

New Podcasts

Jeff Reed: Actually, Digital Church Is All About Relationships

You might think of digital church as being impersonal. But Jeff Reed says, "The strength of online church is relationships."