Articles for Pastors

Church Leadership 101: Get a Mentor

Do you have a mentor? Do you mentor others? Share your story.

Pastor Orders 50 Leaders to Delete Facebook

A N.J. pastor wants his church to get off Facebook to avoid temptation.

Vague Confessions

Mark Batterson: Confession is like cleaning a wound. If you don't clean it completely, it often festers.

7 Factors Affecting Church Staff Satisfaction

The Best Christian Workplaces Survey determined the factors with the highest correlation to church staff commitment and loyalty.

Religious Countries Have Lower Suicide Rates

Gallup polls show that fewer suicides occur in countries with high religiosity scores.

30 Reasons Why Pastors Fail to Seek Counsel

I've got the Bible; I ought to be able to handle this myself, right?

Tough-Guy Christianity

Is it possible that real tough-guy Christianity is more about prayer than macho attitudes?

Happiness Increases with Age, Study Shows

Research shows the older you get, the happier you are.

Permission to Speak Freely

Anne Jackson talks about reclaiming brokenness as a way of life in our churches.

Recovering Relevance

Ed Stetzer explains cultural relevance as a necessary tool for missional ministry.

Mohler: "We Don't Need Exorcisms"

As Catholic bishops gather to discuss the rite of exorcism, theologian Albert Mohler says the practice is unnecessary.

Why is the Church So Racially Divided?

Ron Edmondson asks what we can do to take steps in the right direction.

It Shall Not Be So Among You

May we, in humility and faith, trust the One in us to allow our lights to shine.

Atheist Ads Now Attacking Scripture

Biola apologist calls the ads "ridiculous" as they take direct shots at Scripture.

Unbelieving Pastors?

The Baptist Press commented on the results of a study by Tufts University researching the stories of five unbelieving pastors.

3 Things to Consider When Calling to Action

What is it that draws a person to your ministry?

Spoiled by Grace

What is God's response to Israel's abuse of grace and their subsequent repentance? More grace.

For Millennials, Byte Sized is Best

Millennials want catchy headlines, condensed bytes of information.

Cockiness vs. Christ-Centered Confidence

The consequences for not walking on the right side of this thin line can be significant.

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Kurt Warner: Football Hall of Fame Inductee and Lover of Jesus

Kurt Warner accepted Christ at 25 years old and realized that he was meant for more than touchdown passes and winning football games.

New Podcasts

Jarrid Wilson: De-Stigmatizing Mental Illness in the Church

“If the local church really wants to be the hope of the world, then the local church needs to step into areas in which the world finds itself hopeless: Mental health." - Jarrid Wilson