Articles for Pastors

Study Shows Retirement Crisis for Pastors

A recent news article says many pastors find themselves in financial trouble as they approach retirement.

Engage the Bible with Action

Steven Furtick believes Bible study is about more than going deeper, it's about getting active.

Make Room for New Ideas

Ben Arment encourages leaders to explore fresh ideas for the future.

Leaders Are Examples – 5

A follower is more than a believer - he/she is also a doer of the Word.

A Peek Inside The Christian Atheist

Craig Groeschel shares the tension in his own struggles with worry and control.

Becoming a Leader Who Makes a Difference

Do you have the kind of heart God wants?

Qualities of a Successful Leader

A leader should listen to "disagreeing followers"

Important Qualities That Define A Leader

What qualities define a leader?

How To Nurture Staff Relationships

Your staff is made up of - - people

Become a Chief Listening Officer

Great ideas come from listening to others

Facilities And Environment Affect Worship

There are a LOT of physical factors to consider in improving worship in your church.

How to Become an Excellent Listener

5 keys to excellent listening

Important Qualities That Define a Leader

The idea of a leader is definitively complex, and it has spawned many a book, seminar, and opinion on the subject. Some hold that...

Defining Your Personal Leadership Vision

Is your personal vision clear?

The Capacity To Be Creative As A Leader

Fear, guilt & ignorance are creativity stoppers

God’s Time Management Plan for Leaders

Quit complaining about time! God made it!

The Leadership Art of Influencing Others

Leaders do extra to prepare for leading

Simplicity Is Not As Simple As It Sounds

Intentionality + discipline = simplicity

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Bernice King: Love Is the Only Thing That Will Turn Our...

Dr. Bernice King addressed the crowd at Ebenezer Baptist Church admonishing the nation to follow Christ's example of love.

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