Articles for Pastors

Review: The Church of Facebook

Jesse Rice looks at the impact of Facebook on our churches and our relationships.

5 Multi-Site Lessons for Single Site Church

Focus on multiplying yourself to see more disciples made in the process.

The Adventurous Pastor

If you want to adventurize your life, you've got to set some life goals.

Robber w/Theology Degree Blocked With Bible

A Bible foiled a robbery attempt this week in Oklahoma City.

Int'l Computer Worm Has Biblical Clues

An industrial computer worm may contain a reference to Esther, giving possible hints to its origin.

One Problem with Modern Church Buildings

Why do many modern church buildings look the way they do?

Attendance Declining at Sunday Night Services

Evangelical churches are reporting declining attendance at their Sunday evening services.

Church Disciplines 575 Members

Jonathan Leeman interviews David King about his recent move to discipline 575 members.

Obama: "I'm a Christian by Choice"

President Barack Obama affirms his Christian faith at a political event in New Mexico this week.

Matt Chandler on Trials, Leadership

"Most people live on the cliff with a bunch of fog, unaware that today could be their last," says Chandler

8 Things Every Leader Should Have

Catalyst Director Brad Lomenick shares his must-have list for leaders.

Chasing the Lion

"As we grow in a love relationship with God, we unlearn the fears that keep us from living by faith," says Batterson.

Study Probes Americans' Knowledge of Religion

Atheists and agnostics score highest in their knowledge of world religions.

115 Books Church Leaders Are Reading

Check out this list from the Desiring God staff and share the books you're reading.

Lessons from a Church Secret Shopper

Greg Atkinson reminds us that making a first impression is crucial.

Cohabitation at an All-Time High, Study Shows

The number of couples living together has risen to an all-time high this year.

Update: GA Pastor Promises to Fight Allegations

New Birth Missionary Church's pastor Eddie Long pledged to fight accusations of sexual misconduct.

Being in the Room vs. Being Present

“Presence is a conversation free of distractions.  Presence is active and not passive,” says Shaun King.

Doctrine: Idolatry vs. True Worship

Mark Driscoll shares the doctrine of the Two-isms.

Millennials Not Too Worried About Environment

Most young adults care about the environment, but they're not fanatical about it.

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What the Church Needs to Learn From Jules Woodson

If we learn anything from the story of Jules Woodson, Andy Savage, and Highpoint Church, it's that we have a lot to learn when it comes to properly handling sexual assault allegations.

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Ed Stetzer: How You Can Be a Better Leader

“What we have to spend more time on as leaders is not what's urgent but important; developing other leaders and your own leadership style.” - Ed Stetzer