Articles for Pastors

Articles for Pastors

Today’s church pastors face daunting cultural and leadership challenges. More than ever, church leaders need leadership resources and pastoral resources to enable them to advance the gospel of Jesus in these challenging times. is dedicated to providing resources and information for every church pastor. If you serve on a church staff as a senior pastor, executive pastor, teaching pastor, or any other pastoral role, you’ll find must-have pastoral and connections to a community of church leaders for greater Kingdom impact worldwide. Church leaders from every denomination find articles for pastors that they are looking for here at Join millions of pastors who look to us for resources and encouragement for church leadership. Leading your church is not only about preaching and teaching, but it is also about your relationship with Jesus. You will also find inspiration, encouragement, and help to keep your relationship with God strong and vibrant.

It Shall Not Be So Among You

May we, in humility and faith, trust the One in us to allow our lights to shine.

Atheist Ads Now Attacking Scripture

Biola apologist calls the ads "ridiculous" as they take direct shots at Scripture.

Unbelieving Pastors?

The Baptist Press commented on the results of a study by Tufts University researching the stories of five unbelieving pastors.

3 Things to Consider When Calling to Action

What is it that draws a person to your ministry?

Spoiled by Grace

What is God's response to Israel's abuse of grace and their subsequent repentance? More grace.

For Millennials, Byte Sized is Best

Millennials want catchy headlines, condensed bytes of information.

Cockiness vs. Christ-Centered Confidence

The consequences for not walking on the right side of this thin line can be significant.

Moral Behavior Often Discussed, Not Followed

Barna says a majority of Americans spend time discussing their values but less time actually practicing them.

5 Last-Minute Free Resources

Here are five quick and easy resources to help you in a pinch this weekend.

Making Your Social Network Work for You

Learn how to better engage your social network to enhance ministry.

Don't Be a Modern-Day Pharisee

When God’s people begin living by an indwelling Lord, the world begins to get a glimpse of the real Jesus.

Slaves by Choice

"Our greatest fulfillment in life will come as a result of our decision to be "slaves" by choice," says Shelly Hendrix.

World's Largest Jesus Statue Completed

The new 170-foot statue in Poland is now the tallest statue of Jesus in the world.

How Do Pastors' Salaries Compare with Others?

Leadership Network finds that pastors' salaries are low when compared with similar jobs outside the church.

Gracenomics: Squaring off with the Grace Killers

Mike Foster: "If we truly want to unleash second chance living we have to show grace to the grace killers."

Making Disciples Jesus' Way

How do we, as ministers, know if we’re hitting the mark and “winning” in discipleship?

New Study Says Women Give More

A new study says that women at almost every income level give more to charity than men

What is the Future of the Megachurch?

Will megachurches fall out of style, or will they adapt and remain as viable as ever?

New Study: Low Impact Faith Among Teens

Most young people in Britain consider Christianity irrelevant to their lives, but they are not as hostile towards religion as their parents.

Be Good at Something Different

Rather than being good at the usual ministries, be good at something different.

Latest News

Lawsuit Sheds Light on Paige Patterson’s Firing Last Year

When Paige Patterson was fired from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) last year, many questions arose. Now we are getting more details about Patterson's questionable actions through a lawsuit.

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Irving Hexham: This Is Why Christians Need to Know About Other...

Understanding world religions is important for every believer, especially since Christianity is declining in the Western world. This week, Dr. Irving Hexham challenges some of our assumptions about sharing our faith and explains why Christians can be hopeful, even in a post-Christian culture.