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Articles for Pastors

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

"When I first met the wolves...I felt the weight of their judgment," says Mary DeMuth.

3 Marks of the Spirit’s Guidance in Preaching

Transforming power in preaching is found only in God himself.

Should You Shorten Your Church Name?

When a name streamlines communication it's a good thing.

Preaching to the Spiritually Exhausted

How many of the people who listen to our teaching every week sincerely want to follow God and yet grow tired of trying?

Learn the Secret of Loving Your Work

Does your position feel more like work or a calling?

Church Launches 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Annual “Awakening” season in January 2011 will include virtual conference.

Tim Keller on Generous Justice

Kevin DeYoung talks to Tim Keller about what it means to do justice.

Competence or Calling?

The jump from competency to calling often requires risk, trust, and sacrifice.

4 Tips for Editing Your Life

Because relationships with good life editors are gold.

What’s the One Thing Holding You Back?

Four “one things” that commonly hold people back from following God.

Study: Marriage Reduces Poverty

Marriage and Religion Research Institute says that marriage helps reduce poverty.

John Piper Reports on His Leave

"I find myself chastened, humbled, and perhaps more useable now. It is good to be back."

5 Tips for Intentional Leadership

The ultimate commentary on your leadership will be the lives of those you've impacted.

A Candid Interview with Eugene Peterson

Gabe Lyons interviews Peterson about the pastoral vocation.

What's Your Resolution?

Eugene Cho, Kem Meyer and others share their goals for 2011. We invite you to share yours.

‘It’s Got the Boss’s Hand on It’—Country Singer John Rich Says...

Country music star and Christian John Rich says his chart-topping hit, “Revelation,” came directly from God and that “the Boss” told him to write and release it.

Digital Expert Brad Hill Shares With Ed Stetzer What ‘Spiritually Open’...

Brad Hill joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to explain just how valuable a resource the internet can be for pastors and why digital ministry is not merely an on-ramp to get people into church.

Articles for Pastors