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Boring Preaching Can Be Deadly (Don't Let It Happen to You)

Seriously, did you know that dry preaching can be a health hazard?!

Preach or Facilitate? Same Skill Set, Different Mindset

Preaching involves talking—facilitating is about listening.

The Beauty of an Aging Preacher

Old is beautiful, in the right place. And this is the right place, for sure:

One Pastor's Top Three Sacred Cows in Desperate Need of Tipping

Pastor Jared Moore is a preacher with strong opinions on confronting religious idols. Here are his top three.

What Happens if You Fail to Preach on Money

If you cast a compelling vision, you can talk about giving and generate support.

Need to Preach a Stressful Sermon? Here's Help

What you do matters, and I am so very grateful for your labor.

So You Bombed Your Sermon–Now What?

Steven Furtick says don't let your past performances keep you from future opportunities.

10 Reasons to Stop Preaching

"We believe churches should stop using sermons and start using a technique like “Simply the Story."

Are You Training Lay Preachers? Why Not?

Lay preachers go where the pastor often cannot go.

Overcoming Plagiarism in Preaching and Teaching

The essence of plagiarism is to give the impression that the ideas or words of another person are actually your own.

Preaching: It's Not All About You

Over the past five decades, an insidious trend has crept into American preaching—and not only are most pastors unaware of it, they’ve embraced it...

Preaching: It's Not All About You

Some trends are worth bucking.

Why You Should Write Your Sermons at Least Two Weeks Ahead

Early in my ministry, Thursdays were my sermon prep day—for the coming Sunday (I’ve never been a Saturday guy; just can’t live that close...

Musicians Practice All the Time—Why Don't Preachers?

Sunday morning in the pulpit is no time to practice your craft.

Why I Value Practical Preaching

Exhortation without identification, inspiration and application is unlikely to produce life change in the listener.

Great Preachers Connect Doctrine to Human Experience

The sermon is a vehicle for an encounter with the Most High God.

10 Tips For Preaching From an iPad

iPad preaching is a growing trend.

Preaching & Teaching