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Preach Like a Combat Medic

Get in the fight! People are wounded and bleeding.

Is Your Preaching a Self-Help Video, or Something More?

Traditional preaching tends to leave listeners focused on themselves.

Does Your Preaching Draw a Line From the Bible to Real Life?

The sermon is not a biblical lecture designed merely to inform the hearer of some interesting facts.

Jesus Preached to Doubters. You Can, Too.

The Gospels are little more than one story after another of people struggling to believe.

In Preaching, "Should" Can Be a Four-Letter Word

The thing that makes those “shoulds” so tricky is that they are often attached to really good things.

You Can Defend the Faith (But You Don't Have To Rant)

No one can do any of this in the flesh and by himself.

That Awkward Moment When You Feel Like You've Wasted Your Time in the Pulpit

Perhaps you really have wasted your time, unless you answer this final, vital, question.

Why Are So Many People Afraid to Claim the Role of Church Leader?

There are two types of leaders in the church, those who have it by position and those who have it by the way they live.

If the Scripture Is Funny, Why Not Laugh?

Still more important, when there’s humor in Scripture, don’t forget to laugh.

Seven Secret (and Deadly) Pulpit Sins

It is increasingly common today to hear parts of the gospel proclaimed.

Every Preacher's Choice: Clean the House—or Wreck It

Are we as preachers speaking the Word that the people need or are we accommodating their assumptions?

Could You Step Back From Your Sermon and Let Other People Finish It?

You are training God’s people to have spiritual conversations.

What Does It Say About You When You Steal Someone Else's Sermon?

We don’t often discuss is how stealing sermons hurts the thief, but we should, and it does.

Preaching Is a Unique Stewardship—Are You a Good Steward?

The ministry of the word is stewarding and heralding God’s word in such a way that people encounter God through his word.

Five Funeral Blunders You CAN Avoid

What we say is powerful in such a vulnerable situation, and we should tread carefully.

Al Mohler's Antidote to Anemic Preaching

Expository preaching is central, irreducible and nonnegotiable to the Bible's mission of authentic worship that pleases God.

One Step Every Pastor Can Take to Move Closer to the People

Just one step can cross boundaries and move you into a zone of great importance—it's true in romance, in fighting and in preaching.

Preach Like It's Good News!

I encourage you today to be strategic when preaching the Good News.

What Is the Mysterious Power Behind Every Great Preacher?

Preacher, make it your pledge that you never again will enter your pulpit alone.

Lauren Boebert in Call Refuses to Apologize for Anti-Muslim Remarks

Days after firebrand conservative Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado was harshly criticized for making anti-Muslim comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota Democrat whom she likened to a bomb-carrying terrorist, the two spoke by phone.

Greg Laurie on the Likelihood of Another Jesus Movement and Why...

Greg Laurie appears on the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share what it was like to grow up in the middle of the Jesus People Movement and his thoughts on whether we'll see another awakening like it.

Preaching & Teaching