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One Vital Preaching Skill That Just Can't Be Faked (Although Many Try)

There are false teachers, hucksters and impostors in pulpits across the land today.

Surprise: The "Proper Response" to a Sermon May Not Be What You Think

Glenn Packiam: "When people hear the Word proclaimed, the proper response is confession, repentance, humbling ourselves before a gracious and mighty God. "

Hard Hearts Require Bold Preachers—6 Must-Haves for Preaching to Difficult Ears

Speaking to a hard heart is like correcting a rebellious teenager. So how do you do it?

Are You Willing to Be Misunderstood—From the Pulpit?

Is Relevance and Understanding the Point?

A Preacher’s Guide: 10 Things Every New Believer Should Know

If you are off by a few degrees at the start and you travel the path for a while, you will be off by miles later. I know that from experience.

Four Insights About Preaching Gained From 263 Interviews

The most surprising challenge to emerge from the data is a request to preachers to bring controversial issues into the pulpit.

5 Things You Can Do Today to Sharpen This Weekend's Sermon

Every preacher I know wants to get better; we are all clawing forward amid the windstorm of our own inability.

7 Principles for the Perfect Preaching Calendar

Pastors, plan your work and work your plan.

Your Congregation Doesn't Need a TED Talk—They Need YOU!

Pastors face a lot of pressure to perform. Some of it, admittedly, is self-imposed.

Pastor: You Don't Have to Preach EVERY Week

If you are preaching every week intentionally, you are not serving your church or the next generation of leaders intentionally.

400,000 Sermons a Week! Why Do We Do It? 10 Questions

What spiritual return is our preaching giving us?

Don't Ask, "What's the Point of My Preaching," but Rather, "Where Does My Preaching Point?"

Traditional preaching tends to leave listeners focused on themselves.

6 Excellent Reasons to Talk About Money From the Pulpit

If you don’t want the church to teach about money because it’s “none of their business,” you should change the way you see it.

Can You Separate the Preacher From the Message? Should You?

If the power of the gospel is not dependent upon moral behavior, why should bribery, adultery or even murder bar someone from being a church leader?

3 Tests of Plagiarism: Do Your Sermons Pass Them?

In a world of preaching, a pastor who takes sermons from other preachers—word-for-word—without giving credit is guilty of plagiarism.

Preaching in the "Flow"—What's Really Going On?

Is there such a thing as divine unction or a special anointing of the Spirit when it comes to preaching?

So You've Waited Until the Last Minute to Start Sermon Prep. Now What?

May we all be Holy Spirit disciplined in our preparation for ministry and maximize every opportunity to preach the Word.

Church Was Built on ‘Lies, Deceit, Abuse, Rape, and Fear’: Another...

Jessi Kline posted a statement on Facebook claiming that one of John Lowe II’s relatives, Jeremy, raped her when he babysat for her and her brother when they were “young, prepubescent children.”

Preaching & Teaching