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A Preacher Can Be Patriotic, But Should He Preach Patriotism?

I just think we need to think through how we approach patriotism in the pulpit.

Do You Preach to Real People or Straw Men?

Not every sermon is going to be able to be perfectly timed or seamlessly timely.

Restore Passion to Your Preaching: 3 Essential Steps

Lord, let us speak the truth with renewed passion.

Powerful Preaching Flows From Good Questions

Preacher, our best sermons arise from our questions.

The One Style of Preaching That Should Never Be Out of Fashion

Traditionally, Protestant churches have focused on expository preaching, in which pastors would seek to exposit the Word of God to their congregations.

How Your Preaching Can Destroy Modern Idols

Every church has those things that it clings to that are off the table for change or removal, and usually even for discussion—unless you bring them up.

Don't Be Afraid to Preach "Faith vs. Science." Here's Why

The simple fact is everyone on the planet lives by faith.

The Day I Team-Preached With My Wife (and What I Learned)

My church needs more up-front interaction with my wife.

Why I Don't Go to the Bible to Find a Text to Preach On

When I open God’s Word, it is to ask God to speak to me, and me alone.

Finish Your Sermon Strong: Sidestep These Pitfalls

Finishing a sermon is neither easy nor natural.

It Takes Both a Pastor and a Scholar to Be a Preacher

Calvin held a high view of the gospel ministry.

Do You Apologize for Your Preaching?

Preach and teach the Word of God accurately and boldly, and see what great things God accomplishes from it!

20 Ways to Poison the Little Monsters

In order to poison the monsters He loves, the ones He calls men and even “children,” here are 20 things you must lead our slaves—and His—to do.

10 Must-Have Tips for Giving a Public Invitation

When a pastor preaches, he expects people to respond, either publicly at that moment or later in private. Or both.

Does Your Preaching Change Lives?

How can our preaching lead to Christ-like convictions that produce Christ-like character?

Does Your Preaching Include the Freedom of the Spirit?

We are aided by God’s powerful Spirit, who will blow us places we’d never imagined.

Check Yourself: 20 Questions Every Preacher Should Ask

A mental checklist to evaluate your sermon before you preach.

When Your Message Ends, Where Are People Focused?

Traditional preaching tends to leave listeners focused on themselves.

Preach the Gospel, Not the Garnish

The common blessings that all humans enjoy, regardless if they’re Christians or not, are often referred to as “common grace.”

‘Redeeming Love’ Movie Releases—But Should Christians Go See It?

The film, “Redeeming Love,” based on the Christian novel of the same name, released today in theaters. Author Francine Rivers says her story demonstrates “the pursuing love that God shows to His people,” but Christian author Phylicia Masonheimer believes it could be "enormous stumbling block" for some.

Jackie Hill Perry: Why We Have the Wrong Idea About God’s...

Jackie Hill Perry joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share why the holiness of God is far more beautiful than we often think it is.

Preaching & Teaching