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Small Groups: Putting COVID Behind Us

As the last holdouts are planning to reduce their pandemic restrictions, it’s time to put COVID behind us and move forward as a church. But moving forward is not the same as returning to life as it was in 2019.

Transformational Change and Your Small Group’s “Brain”

If our relational life is what accelerates our ability to have transformational change and character growth, then does our church’s prioritization of its small group ministry reflect this?

59 Times “One Another” is Used in the New Testament

There are 59 “one another” statements in the New Testament. That’s right, 59. That’s just under 60 exhortations in Scripture to actually “do” something toward another person.

12 Things Not to Say in a Small Group

I have witnessed these statements wreck the kind of community we’re all striving for in leading a small group.

6 Traits of the Best Small Group Hosts

What kind of people make the best small group hosts?

Do You Have ‘Full-Brained’ Small Groups?

We need "full-brained" small groups that create healthy rhythms of discipleship. Here's how to tell if your small groups are engaging every aspect of who your people are.

35 Great Small Groups Questions to Evaluate Your Leadership

I recently asked for suggestions for good questions group leaders could use to evaluate your small group. Boy, did I get some great ideas!

Learning by Doing in Groups

What does it mean to learn? Is it merely an acquisition of more facts? Or is it taking those facts and putting them into practice? Meetings are not the only place for groups to learn. Often lessons are better when learning by doing.

Get Along With God and Others: 11 Biblical Precedents

The God of the Bible is deadly serious about the work of getting along - with both others and how to get along with God.

What Are Some Creative Ways to Recruit More Group Leaders?

This is THE question for small group point people, isn’t it? If you don’t have a leader, well, you don’t have a group. Here are some “creative” ways to recruit leaders.

Select FIT Leaders – Faithful Intentional Teachable

Through discussion with our staff team, we’ve chosen F.I.T. (faithful, intentional, teachable) as our criteria, because it reflects our desire to develop spiritually FIT disciples who will reproduce in the lives of others.

How to Read the Room as a Small Group Leader

It is vital to remember that God is speaking to everyone in our small groups, and that sometimes with everything else we focus on as leaders, we may be the last to notice.

Handling Controversial Issues in Groups

These thoughts on handling controversial issues are not license to stir up every possible issue. This is also not reason to turn group meetings into a circus. But, if an issue is important to a group member, then it’s important to discover the reason why.

Connecting With Unchurched People

The new front door of the church is the online worship service. The side door of your church is (and has been) small groups. Think about how you can connect with more unchurched people online and through your groups.

How to Engage Conflict in Small Groups

When you notice small group conflict be ready to pull out this list and walk through it. Believe me, your group will be grateful for you and your courage.

4 Tell-Tale Signs Your Small Group System Is Broken

If your total number of groups isn’t growing, it’s a tell-tale sign something is broken. Even if your church’s attendance is flatlined, a growing total number of groups is an indication of a healthy small group system.

Monica Lee: This Is How I Small Group

The testimonies of Jesus changing people’s lives–salvations, answered prayers, healing, discipleship, a sense of belonging, and life-change–are the best part about being in a small group.

“This Is How I Small Group” from the Small Group Network

This Is How I Small Group is a periodic series at the Small Group Network about getting to know members of the small group. Some will have decades of experience; others will be brand new to small group ministry. #SmallGroups #Strategy

Top 10 Ideas for a First Small Group Meeting

Any time you’re starting a new small group, a great first meeting is very important.  I include these ideas on a simple handout inside every new leader packet.

How to Make Your Own Community Calendar

Heling people can connect reveals that biblical community is an actual value of your church, projects your leadership expectations, and helps people to prepare. Start by designing a community calendar that includes no less than three church-wide opportunities per year for people to get plugged in.

Adam Wyatt: How To Be a Biblical Patriot, Not a Christian...

Dr. Adam Wyatt joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about how the Bible supports the idea of loving one’s country–but not nationalism–and how pastors can navigate this volatile topic.

Small Group Leaders