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What Is a Right Number of Groups in a Healthy Church?

You work hard in your small group ministry. It’s great to know how well you’re doing, right? So, what is a healthy number of groups for a healthy church?

Innovate Your Way to Better Small Groups

Here are some key truths about innovation and how it can help you build better small groups at your church.

7 Ways to Respond To Negative People in Church

Dealing with negative people in church has been a huge part of my work. I talk with pastors every week who tell me they have large groups of people who are always negative about something they are doing.

We All Need Grace and Peace

Grace and peace are two of those words that get thrown around a lot, but few people really get what they mean.

The Power of Vision

What inspires a leader to give his or her life to a particular goal? The power of vision is what makes a leader great. In fact, visionless leaders aren't leaders at all—they're managers.

Spiritual Maturity: 5 Signs You DON’T Have It

Often what we call spiritual maturity … isn't. In fact, at least five of the common claims we make about having spiritual maturity actually show we lack it.

7 Words of Encouragement for Leaders of Small Groups

For those small group pastors lacking the gift of encouragement, maybe some of these phrases are phrases you could speak to a small group leader.

3 Subtle Ways to Redirect Awkward Conversations

Knowing when to continue awkward conversations or to stop them (and what to say) requires the wisdom of God.

3 Times Jesus Modeled How To Treat Sinners

"We need both gentleness and holy truth."

The Meaning of Membership

The meaning of membership says that we “are” members of his body. Period. It’s a statement of fact. It’s true, so anything other than true is false. It’s something that we already are.

7 Small Group Leader Appreciation Ideas That Will Make a Difference

Here, from some of the most noted authorities on small groups, is a treasure-trove of small group leader appreciation ideas.

The Secret of Gentle Confrontation

Too many Christians are scared to say something. They don’t want to do the work of keeping a brother or sister accountable. Too many Christians are cowardly when it comes to the vital task of gentle confrontation.

How To Avoid the Spiritual Growth ‘Trap’

A small group can be a place for spiritual growth and responsibility, yet even though self-discipline has great power, it comes at the risk of locating the source of that power in us instead of the grace of God.

5 Ways to Increase Small Group Size

Sometimes Christians hide, and that’s ok, but we don’t want them to stay hidden. Other times, they’re looking for you too. Here are five ways you can find new people to increase your small group size.

Don’t Give Up on Your Bible Study So Quickly

When something in God’s Word unsettles us we should not be quick to leave it for the more comfortable places. Yes, there may be times when we have to table some of our concerns and pick them up at a time when we’re in a healthier place.

Is a Small Group Meeting Biblical?

Small group meetings should be interactive times within the context of the Bible, prayer/worship and food (that’s right, FOOD is spiritual). A Sunday school class is a one-way monologue that has a different focus and value. Find out more about small groups here. #smallgroup #smallgroups #smallgroupsbiblical

6 Goals of an Effective Small Group Ministry

Key foundational principles that we will live by as we craft the DNA of our church’s community life.

4 Reasons Your Church Needs a Mentoring Program

A common concern I hear: “my church is a mile wide, but an inch deep.” I’m a little biased, but I think the best way for a church to help their people dig a few inches deeper is small group mentoring. 

Are Your Words Wholesome – or Unwholesome? It Matters!

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

Rick Warren: 4 Practical Reasons to Join a Small Group

Why join a small group? Small groups provide the kind of accountability and emotional support we need in order to mature as believers. Here are four reasons why they are important to your congregation.

Chuck Swindoll, 89, Moves to Founding Role at Stonebriar; Jonathan Murphy...

Chuck Swindoll will become the founding pastor of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas, with Jonathan Murphy stepping into the senior pastor role, the church announced.

David Ashcraft on the Surprising, ‘Deep Emotions’ He Felt Stepping Down...

David Ashcraft joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to talk about how leadership has changed, how pastors can leave their churches better than they found them, and the startling emotions he felt when he stepped down as senior pastor.

Small Group Leaders