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10 Ways to Process the Emotions of Christmas Loss

If we aren’t careful, the joy of Christmas is covered over with the emotions of Christmas loss, and rather than appreciating what we have or looking forward to what’s to come, we find ourselves in Christmas misery.

How to Really Measure Church Size

"On any given Sunday, 80 percent are regular attendees and 20 percent are non-regular attendees." So what does infrequent church attendance mean for discipleship?

How to Overcome Politics in Your Small Group

How can you love your neighbor/enemy in this day and age? How do you overcome politics? What if they show up in your small group?

3 Great Advent Ideas for Your Small Group

Advent is a great time to consider reaching out to your neighbors, friends, and family, sharing with them the real meaning behind Christmas. Below are Advent ideas for your small group.

Reading the Bible Together in Small Groups

When you read the Bible together in small groups, give them something to look for. Here are a couple of go-to examples for reading the Bible together.

What Makes Effective Bible Teachers?

An effective Bible teacher teaches so that people live according to the Bible. Effective Bible teachers create doers of the Word, and not hearers only. They make disciples.

Living Under the Law and Looking Foolish

I really don’t need any help looking foolish. I mastered the skill of looking foolish long ago and continue to refine it with each and every opportunity.

Dealing With Needy People in Your Group

Neediness becomes a problem to address when it manifests in unhealthy ways.

15 Christmas Ideas for Small Groups

If you’re one of the groups that’s meeting throughout the month of December, you may be wondering what you can do for Christmas ideas for small groups that’s a little outside of the norm.

Why Become a Disciple-Making Small Group Church?

One of the most tragic realities in the present day church is that she is void of the leaders necessary to accomplish the vision the senior pastor has been given. A disciple-making church produces leaders who produce leaders.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time . . . for Small Groups!

Practice these three steps, add some of your own, and you'll enjoy the most wonderful time with a merry small group.

Recruiting Group Leaders for Maximum Participation

When you recruits group leaders is just as important as how you recruit leaders. Timing is everything.

What It Means to Say I’m Praying for You

How often do you say these words, and what does it mean to say, I’m praying for you? I’d like to suggest that at the heart of praying for others is the word friendship—friendship with people, and friendship with God.

9 Tools for Leading a Life-Changing Bible Study

Life-changing Bible study: Having the right tools available can open a conversation around God’s Word that will eventually lead to discipleship.

Small Group Purposes During the Holidays

December can be a month full of meaningful celebrations, worship, service, learning, and outreach. Below are 5 ways fulfill your small group purposes together during the holiday months, despite busy schedules.

Assumptions About Introverts in Small Groups

I’ve written before about the assumptions about introverts before and how I adapt with it as a pastor. What surprises me, however, is how misunderstood introverts are sometimes.

The Idolatry of Excellence

Most of the pastors I’ve worked with fit a description by Dallas Willard. This is because of what I call the idolatry of excellence.

Does God Have Favorites?

We all have favorites. But does God have favorites? I don't think so. God doesn’t see anyone of us as more deserving of his love.

Closing Prayers for Small Group Meetings

When it comes to prayers for small group meetings, what is the best way to close a group meeting in prayer?

The Irresistable Power of Small Group Prayer

When it comes to group building and group leader building, small group prayer is an often overlooked tool. Everyone knows praying is an integral part of groups, but it can often become an afterthought, instead of a leading effort.

Is the Rapture Really in the Bible? Why Skye Jethani Says,...

Author, speaker, and “Holy Post” cohost Skye Jethani believes the idea of the rapture is not actually in the Bible. Jethani laid out his argument in a recent video, addressing Matthew 24 and 1 Thessalonians 4 in particular.

Kyle Strobel and Jamin Goggin, Part 1: Why the Church’s Problem...

Dr. Kyle Strobel and Dr. Jamin Goggin join “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to discuss what God has taught them about his way to power and why every ministry leader must wrestle with what their view of power actually is.

Small Group Leaders