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3 Characteristics of a Healthy Cell

It has been said that only healthy cells multiply, which is a truth both from a biological and ecclesiastical point of view. But what are the characteristics of a healthy cell?

8 Objections to Leading Small Groups (And How to Overcome Them)

If people had no objections to leading small groups, your job would be very easy. They would just line up and sign up to lead a group.

4 Keys To Flourishing Small Group Friendships in 2023

Everyone knows in their heads that friendships are important. But the experience of many is that we’re in a pronounced decline when it comes to experiencing friendships.

3 Essentials to Building Gospel Community in Small Groups

Gospel Community is a Christian buzzword, usually referring to a group of Christ followers that care for one another, but the scriptures expand on this definition to cast a vision for community that can truly change the world.

Dinner Church, Anyone?

Gathering around a table, sharing a meal, worshiping and studying The Word. What could be better than dinner church?

10 Commandments for Great Small Group Discussions

Small group discussions are an important vehicle for spiritual growth. Here are 10 rules to live by if you are a small group discussion facilitator.

5 Ways to Deal With A Gossip Group

Small group gossip, as benign as it might seem, is a missile that will sink the whole ship. Who would ever share another prayer request or personal issue in front of someone they feel they can’t trust?

How to Set Your Small Group Launch Up for Success

If your sermon series are aligned with a small group launch, then when do you recruit group leaders? And, when do you form groups?

35 Great Small Groups Questions to Evaluate Your Leadership

I recently asked for suggestions for good questions group leaders could use to evaluate your small group. Boy, did I get some great ideas!

Small Group Leader: Failure Is Not Final

One of the major themes of the Bible is that: FAILURE IS NOT FINAL. We can risk failure because we know that God is a God of a second chances. We can recover from failure because God forgives and restores.

5 Steps Toward Purposeful Communication

I’m sure you know people that are famous for being good communicators and listeners. After all, they can carry on a conversation with anyone....

5 Things to Do in January to Connect More People in the New Year

Take these steps in January at the start in order to connect more people in small groups throughout the year.

Top 10 Ideas for a First Small Group Meeting

Any time you’re starting a new small group, a great first meeting is very important.  I include these ideas on a simple handout inside every new leader packet.

5 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Small Group Leaders

Mike Mack provides some great Christmas gift ideas for your coaches and small group leaders this holiday season.

Elements of an Effective Small Group

You’ve seen how some small groups produce great growth in their members while other groups merely tolerate each other. What makes the difference?

Ten Christmas Songs For Ten Christmas Prayers

With only two weeks left until Christmas, here are ten Christmas songs linked to ten prayers to take you, and those you lead, on a more profound journey this Christmas season.

Spirit of Legalism or Consistent Spiritual Habits? Not the Same!

I believe many followers of Jesus mistakenly lump a commitment to consistent spiritual habits into the pejorative pool of legalism.

C.S. Lewis Speaks to Small Groups

There is an overlooked insight into small groups that C.S. Lewis desperately wants us to get.

Three Reasons Small Group Christmas Parties Fail

A few things that cause Small Group Christmas parties to fail. Avoid them if at all possible.

12 Ideas for a Life-Changing Small Group Christmas

Many groups struggle with meeting and studying over the holidays, and this can be detrimental to the health of your group. Here are 12 ideas for a life-changing small group Christmas.

Johnny Hunt Sues SBC and Guidepost, Demanding Trial by Jury, Calls...

Former SBC pastor and denominational leader Johnny Hunt filed a lawsuit on Friday (Mar. 17) against the SBC, the SBC Executive Committee, and Guidepost Solutions for defamation and invasion of privacy.

Greg Laurie: How Churches Can Use ‘Jesus Revolution’ for Evangelism

Greg Laurie appears on the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about the true events behind his new movie, “Jesus Revolution,” and how churches can use the film to spread the gospel.

Small Group Leaders