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Articles for Small Group Leaders

This is Awkward, But…How’s Your Present?

It's sexy to talk about your past—but what's happening with you today? That's a little more awkward.

Our Story, Their Stories, His Story—How to Share Them

When we share our stories, we also gain permission to introduce the author of that story—God.

Three Traits of an Effective Small Group Leader

I realize that I have most likely given a different list of this nature at some time. My problem… I continue to see and...

Finding the True Voice of Prayer

True prayer brings us back to the place of hearing the true voice about our core identity.

Don’t Settle for Second-Hand Love

Because we are stuck with a historical experience of God's love, we opt for poor substitutes for God's love in the present.

What Small Group Apprentices Aren't

It’s important to define apprentices carefully, because in practice you’ll find any number of substitute roles that totally miss the point.

Lyman Coleman: Small Groups, Remember to Reach Out

Don’t forget the “door people.” Reach inside and outside the doors of your church.

Top 10 Reasons to Discontinue Small Group Coaching

All small group leaders have had these thoughts from time to time.

Dave Treat: Life Application in Small Groups

What keeps most small groups from experiencing real life change? The breakdown is application: the point where the rubber meets the road.

Does Your Church Want to Be a Church of Groups?

How can you tell if your church really wants to be a church OF groups? Mark Howell gives five signs.

Leadership Can’t Get Any Simpler Than This!

Ever known someone who thought they were leading, but no one was following?

Is Your Small Group "On Mission" or "Missional"?

When it comes to small groups, there's a difference between being on mission and being missional. Which better defines your group? And why does it matter?

Inspire Your Group Leaders with a Retreat

Build new life into your leadership with a small group retreat. "We used the 'Hot Seat' at meals to build emotional connections."

Product Review: "Seven Daily Sins" by Jared C. Wilson

The small group curriculum Seven Daily Sins by Jared C. Wilson and published by LifeWay delivers an interesting, heart-revealing study.

3 Simple Tips for Growing Your Groups

Tips on explaining and modeling the importance of community to others.

God's Strategy For Your Success – Part 2

Rick Warren continues his discussion of how following God leads to success. Here, he discusses the third principle.

The Small Group Question That Leads to Freedom

Rick Howerton answers a question with a tougher question.

The Signature of Small Group Ministry Mediocrity

The biggest problem within a small group ministry is inconsistency.

Vision Block: 7 Factors that Keep Leaders from Casting Vision

Yes it is hard work; yes it takes some time. But the effort is worth it.

Mark Yarhouse: How Pastors Can Address Gender Identity With Compassion, Civility,...

Dr. Mark Yarhouse joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to talk about how pastors can engage people in the area of gender identity with wisdom and compassion while holding to their convictions.

Articles for Small Group Leaders