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Small Group Leaders How To's

Dealing With Aggressive People in Your Group

If it is bothering you, let that be a sign that others might feel the same way.

How to Become a More Relational Leader: 8 Simple Ways

Fostering relationships doesn’t mean that a leader has to be intimate friends with everyone he/she leads. Rather it means that everyone being led feels valued.

13 Practical Ways to Make Every Group Meeting Count

Matt Lockhart gives valuable tips to help you make the most of your small group meetings every week.

5 Surefire Ways to Screw Up a Small Group

One of the roots of each of these surefire ways to screw up your group is a lack of real commitment ... or a lack of commitment to the right things.

Getting Group Members to Show Up on Time

How our own behaviors reinforce the bad habits of others.

How to Develop New Leaders in Your Small Group

You can't be a group leader forever. Developing new leaders is not an option, but it's so rewarding.

10 Simple Things You Can Do TODAY to Help Your Small Group Ministry Thrive

These are uncomplicated, no-excuses steps you can start taking to strengthen your church's group ministry.

8 Secrets to Finding ENOUGH Small Group Leaders

Mark Howell gives his best advice on how to find an UNLIMITED number of leaders for your small group ministry.

Can You Really “Worship” in Small Groups? 7 Tips

Saddleback's Ben Reed gives some great advice on making small-group worship a moving and God-honoring experience.

Creating a Small Group Curriculum Map: 7 Steps

Instead of just shooting from the hip every time, why not formulate a strategy designed not just to meet the knee-jerk reactionary needs of a group but that helps develop them over time?

What to Do When Your Group Gets Smaller

Does it drive you crazy when several people don't show up to group one week? Take heart.

How to Keep the Groups You Start: 8 Tips

Steve Gladen explains how Saddleback Church's thousands of small groups maintain their momentum.

How to Shepherd Your Group During Christmas

Rick Howerton reminds leaders of the not-so-obvious needs your group members may have during the holiday season.

"I’m Just Not Being Fed": How to Respond

The truth is most people have these feelings at some point in the life of their church. So how do you respond?

How to Lose the Support of Your Senior Leader

Seven common ways a team member can lose the confidence of senior leadership and tips on how to avoid it.

10 Questions When Designing Your Group Ministry Model

Answering these questions will reduce confusion, attract the right leaders and filter out people's personal agendas and/or past experiences.

How to Ask Transformational Questions in Your Small Group

Get rid of the "yes/no" questions and use these tips to bring deeper growth to your group members.

How to Deal When People Leave Your Ministry

If you struggle with discouragement, fear, doubt or even depression when your ministry declines, take these steps.

On-Campus or Off-Campus: Which Group Location Will Work Best for Your Church?

On-campus groups...there are benefits and problems with both models. Eric Geiger provides great help for both cases.

How to Convince Members That Group Multiplication Is a GOOD IDEA

We say we are supposed to build community and relationships with others so we can grow ... and then we break up those relationships. This doesn't make sense.

Dan Cathy Shares Leadership Advice From His Years at Chick-fil-A: ‘Never...

.@ChickfilA board chairman @dancathy recently shared that the purpose of America’s #1 favorite restaurant’s is “to glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that’s entrusted” to them.

Holly Catterton Allen: How Your Church Can Help Children Be Spiritually...

Dr. Holly Catterton Allen joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain that, contrary to what we might assume, children are deeply spiritual and to share how churches can help kids develop resilience.

Small Group Leaders How To's