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8 Traits I See in Good Worship Leaders

As I visit churches in my various roles, I’m privileged to worship with many different congregations. The styles aren’t always the same, but I can tell you some of the common traits I find in worship leaders who catch my attention.

How To Become an Encourager: 15 Steps

Being encouraging to someone is a highlight of their day. Be the light in someone's life. Here's how to become an encourager.

Steeplejacking: A Hostile Takeover in Worship?

Steeplejacking is a coined term that describes the attempt to infiltrate, influence and take-over an existing congregation.

Dear Non-Singing Pastor . . .

Dear Non-Singing Pastor, We depend on you as a primary worship leader for our congregation. We agree that your leadership centers more on worship through the Word and Table than through the music.

The Cross Illuminates God’s Attributes

"As I studied the attributes of God’s holiness, I found the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ to be the supreme demonstration of this eternal perfection of God."

Bad Church Music – Contemporary Worship Music Is Dead and Decaying

10 very tongue-in-cheek (and all too familiar) reasons people give that contemporary worship is dying.

9 Lessons on Worship Young Leaders Need to Learn

These are the kinds of things I wish I was told when I started leading worship. Which is why I compiled this list. If you’d like, share this with the young worship leaders you’re working with.

Does the Audio Engineer HAVE to Be a Control Freak?

Does an audio engineer have to be a control freak? The answer is "Yes, and you’re wrong." The other anser is "No ... and you’re also wrong."

Tech Review: Mackie ProFX16v3 Mixer

The Mackie ProFX16v3 16-channel professional effects mixer is a reasonably priced mixer that does most of the things that the big boys do, only you can purchase it without breaking your budget.

12 Post-Pandemic Questions Every Worship Leader Should Be Asking

Pastor, author, and theologian David Manner recently presented twelve vital questions every church, every worship leader (and pastor!) should be asking right now.

The ULTIMATE Guide To Church Stage Lighting Systems

Every person I interviewed about the best choices of church stage lighting told me the same thing: The industry standard is now LED lighting and it is timeless.

Worship Drummer: How to Serve From Behind the Drum Kit

As musicians on a stage in front of a congregation, worship drummer is a leader. A few key ideas: serving the worship leader, serving the audio engineer, and serving the church—some things practical and some things spiritual.

Sometimes, to Hear the Voice of God, We Should Stop Singing

Our worship actions can drown out the distinct voice of God that is often only discernible in the silence. In the midst of our self-generated noise, we can miss healing, comforting, and encouraging words of hope.

Glenn Packiam: Is Emotional Worship Wrong?

The question is not whether or not worship ought to be emotional. Of course it does; and worship—as a way of meeting God—has always involved emotion. The question is whether emotional worship is appropriate or not.

Make Worship Rehearsals Shorter (and Better)

For all of the different ways worship rehearsals can be approached, there is always a way to do more in less time.

10 Ways to Annoy the Church Sound Guy

If your church sound guy falls asleep on Sunday morning or decides to blast the congregation with 15 seconds of screaming feedback, nothing else can matter. So then it’s important not to annoy him.

What It Looks Like to Truly Embrace Blended Worship

We’ve been pursuing a model of worship called called “convergence.” Maybe you call it blended worship. It allows for vibrant traditional music and vibrant contemporary music, and it puts them together in one combined expression.

4 Reasons Why We Project the Scripture Text Readings

There are Bibles in the pews, and most people can now access a Bible on their own phone/tablet, so why project the Scripture text, too?

3 Ways Worship Leaders Can Get People Worshipping

One thing that's common with each team is people in attendance expressing their adoration. So I ask myself, "Why doesn't that expression follow them to church?" and "How can I get people worshipping?"

2 Ways to Gain Experience as a Worship Leader

Every worship leader, at some point, is at square one. How does a beginning worship leader become experienced? By getting experience.

Not a Will Ferrell Movie: ‘Soccer Baby Jesus’ Is Real —...

FIFA initiated its highly anticipated month-long tournament known as The World Cup. That means fans of Mexico's team have already begun praying to "Soccer Baby Jesus" in hopes of capturing the coveted trophy.

Trillia Newbell: How Church Leaders Can Deal With Fear and Anxiety

Trillia Newbell joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain how the Lord has helped her with her fear and anxiety and also to share some thoughts on women in ministry.

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