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Enough Already With the Smoke Machine

A smoke machine (or haze/fog) can be a fascinating addition to any stage production, whether it features dramatic acting or a music concert. However . . .

5 Bedtime Prayers That Will Change Your Life

Bedtime prayers present a unique opportunity for us to connect with God. Bedtime prayer is an opportunity for us to reset, in a sense. To freshly connect with God. To properly align our hearts with God’s will before we go to sleep.

2 Sure Signs It’s Time for a Worship Leader to Leave

How do you know when it';s time to move on from your church or ministry?

Do You Know the Regulative Principle of Worship?

individuals who are serious about the regulative principle of worship put everything into the categories of "good vs. bad" instead of into what we may consider to be "good, better, and best" practices.

3 Things Worship Leaders Must Consider for the Upcoming Year

The new year is kinda' like that, isn't it? You finish up Christmas and think, "Ah, I wonder what the upcoming year wi-" and then the new year kicks in.

6 Common Misconceptions About God’s Will

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about knowing God's will, especially when it comes to choosing a career path. Here are six errors I wish I had known long before last year.

The Most Powerful Worship Song You Will Ever Sing

How to move beyond the singing a worship song and into the living.

Zephaniah 3:17 — God, Are You Going to Embarrass Me?

The famous verse from Zephaniah is the sort of verse that used to make me nervous. As a young man, I wasn’t sure I wanted God to quiet me with his love, and I certainly didn’t want him to rejoice over me with singing.

12 Steps to Discover Your Call to Music Ministry

Music ministry is one of the most vital ministries in the local church and should be viewed as a sacred office. Discovering your call begins with a DESIRE to be used by God to impact the local church and the world around you.

Making Time for God – A Simple Way to Spend 45 Minutes a Day

If you're struggling with knowing how to spend time with God, give this little system (or some variation of it) a try. You'll find you'll easily be able to spend 45 minutes a day on quality time with your Savior.

12 Ways For Worship Leaders to Serve Your Pastor Well

Today, I want to offer a few lessons I’ve learned over the last decade on how to serve your pastor well and to make this tricky relationship between pastor and worship leader a bit less … well … tricky.

5 Best Practices for Leading Worship for Christmas

How do we plan worship sets that are both specific to Christmas, and also incorporate music that is exciting for our church to sing?

17 Christmas Worship Songs Perfect for Your Church

"I love Christmas music but sometimes it can be a challenge to find great Christmas worship songs that a congregation can truly worship with." Get these songs and add them to your church's next Christmas Worship Set List!

12 Keys to Picking Great Songs for Worship

Picking great songs for worship is one of the most important skills a worship leader needs to learn. There are many different kinds and levels of worship songs. Here are 12 keys to do it well.

How to Lead Worship With Confidence

You quickly discover how to lead worship with confidence doesn’t always come naturally. How can we cultivate and maintain a strong center of self-trust as we lead people in worship?

Answering Critics (With the Holy Spirit’s Help)

When it comes to answering critics, the Holy Spirit gets in the way (thank God!) of our desire to throw mud back at people, even people who tell us we’re the worst person ever.

Worship is a War Song: 7 Ways it Is Powerful

Worship is a war song, but it isn’t simply singing songs. It is a lifestyle. And ultimately, it is about how we relate to God.

4 Questions for Evaluating Where Your Congregation Is at in Worship

How can we evaluate where our congregation is at as a worshiping community? Taking the pulse of your church isn’t, unfortunately, as simple as counting how many people you are singing with on a Sunday morning!

Fake Jesus: 10 Christ Figures We Should Stop Worshiping

Could you recognize a counterfeit Jesus? Jesus is still very popular these days, but we have to wonder, is each Jesus we meet in culture the real one?

Rocking Grandma: The Reinvention of Rocking Worship

I think this is the next phase of worship – ministries are discovering it’s not enough to merely plug praise songs into their traditional service order – they need to build contemporary rocking worship from the ground up.

Johnny Hunt Sues SBC and Guidepost, Demanding Trial by Jury, Calls...

Former SBC pastor and denominational leader Johnny Hunt filed a lawsuit on Friday (Mar. 17) against the SBC, the SBC Executive Committee, and Guidepost Solutions for defamation and invasion of privacy.

Greg Laurie: How Churches Can Use ‘Jesus Revolution’ for Evangelism

Greg Laurie appears on the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about the true events behind his new movie, “Jesus Revolution,” and how churches can use the film to spread the gospel.

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