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How to Read the Psalms

Here are five ways for how to read the psalms for all who long to lead biblical worship discover a rich and vital gift in the Bible’s longest book. In the words of one early church leader the Psalms are like a “gym for the soul.”

10 Things I Did NOT Do That Improved Our Congregational Singing

In one year, this congregation sings louder, more heartily, and more of them sing.

Why We Sing

Don’t be bashful about your voice, and don’t worry if you don’t think you’re much of a “singer”. God has given you a voice to use, a reason why we sing, and he’s given you a song to sing.

5 Ways to Spot a Skilled Worship Musician

A real worship musician works very hard, and part of that work will never be publicly recognized. Would you rather employ the prima donna that takes or the artisan that gives? Your own character is revealed in that choice.  

Louie Giglio: Wired for a Life of Worship

Louis Giglio: "I've got great news. You can worship God wherever you are, doing whatever it is you do! You can be wired for a life of worship."

What Is Worship That Brings Your Congregation Forward?

Every worship leader feels the desire to lead the congregation well, to "bring them forward in worship." Hours of hard work later, you remember that the congregation’s participation, or lack thereof, has everything to do with the experience.

Dial It Down? Never! (Well, Maybe)

I keep a dreadful secret from my friends at church. You see, where I worship, if you think the music’s too loud, you are definitely...

How to Worship With Our Wallets Apart From the Worship of Money

Giving money is not only an act of worship; it is also a means of breaking the worship of money in our lives so that we might worship God more freely and fully. Perhaps that’s one reason why costly giving is central to biblical worship.

6 Ways to Embrace Culturally Diverse Worship

We are willing to go outside the church for culturally diverse worship but fail miserably to do so within. So why are we so ready to defer when we travel around the world but not across the aisle?

7 Prayers to Pray to Make Worship More Powerful This Weekend

As you join your congregation for worship this weekend, I encourage you to pray these prayers before you gather.

Does Your Church Have Spiritual Double-Vision?

As we spend time focusing on Jesus’ interactions with all sorts of people, listening to his messages, considering his questions, and peeling back all the layers of his parables, our prayer is that we would develop a spiritual double-vision

How Earthly Worship Differs From Heavenly Worship

Three aspects (at least) of our worship during this earthly age should differ from the heavenly worship of the age to come: confession of sin, mission to the lost and lament over brokenness.

Praise and Worship Leadership – 18 Traps to Avoid

The strong praise and worship leader develops good attitudes and habits. Strong worship leaders keep their hearts, minds and spirits right before God and man. They don't do these 18 things.

The Psalm That Launched Charles Wesley on His Mission

Born prematurely in 1707, Charles Wesley was the 18th child of Samuel and Susannah Wesley. For weeks they were not sure if he would live or die, as eight of his siblings had done. As his mother prayed for him Charles grew healthy and strong.

Worship Gives Me A Reason When Reason Can’t Be Found

There is no reason to lift my hands or say a creed or surrender to God. At least, that’s what my heart sometimes tells me when I walk into a room on a Sunday morning after a hard, hard week. Worship gives me a reason when reason can’t be found.

Worship Spectators or Participators?

If those of us who lead worship want congregants to be participators rather than spectators, then we must facilitate worship not just depending on our own strengths and abilities.

Your Guide to Worship Transitions

I’ve done worship transitions very poorly and God has still moved. But it also was a distraction. I’ve said “crap” instead of “clap.” I’ve had plenty of unintentional, awkward silences. I’ve even knocked over a mic stand.

Pray the Psalms – A Transforming Practice

I have never felt so alone—alone with myself, alone with a tortured mind, alone with a silent God. That's when I began to learn to pray the Psalms.

Disciplines for Spirit Filled Worship

To pursue holiness is to pursue Jesus himself, and to be confident in him alone. Apart from this, there is no such thing as ministry success in God’s economy, or Spirit filled worship.

John Piper – 15 Tactics for the Fullness of Joy

You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

UPDATED: SWBTS Announces Adam Greenway’s Resignation Following Social Media News Leak

Thursday evening, Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) twitterverse was chirping about the possibility of a big forthcoming announcement pertaining to the possible resignation of SWBTS president Adam Greenway.

Charlie Dates: Why Your Church Needs To Identify and Raise Up...

Charlie Dates joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to discuss what makes preaching compelling and the role local churches play in cultivating preachers for the pulpit.

Articles for Worship & Creative