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5 Reasons Praise and Lament Belong Together in Worship

The pervasiveness of lament in the Bible should lead us to question how well we are incorporating lament into our worship.

The Ten Commandments of Worship Slides

Your screen content is one of the most visible venues for everyone in your church. It’s worth the effort and time to make your worship slides and screen content impactful.

Guests Return to Worship Services Because of These 9 Surprises

Most of the respondents said they were “delighted” or “surprised,” and that the one event made guests return to the church.

Oh Oh Ooh Ooh La La, Whoa

I’ve been thinking about the use of generic syllables in congregational singing for a while now. It’s not a new phenomenon. An increasing number of modern worship songs feature syllables like oh oh ooh and whoa.

How To Guarantee You WON’T Grow Spiritually

You can’t escape the New Testament’s overwhelming pulse that God commands us to intentionally pursue Him, that to grow spiritually is our job as Christians.

You CAN Rule Your Heart – It’s a Part of Worship

As a worship leader, one of the most beneficial things we can do for our congregation is to demonstrate how to rule your heart, and bring forth praise--not because we do (or don't) feel like it, but because God is worthy.

7 Ways To Overcome Satan

We must overcome Satan because the Bible makes it clear: We’re in a battle. It’s a battle we can’t escape with an Enemy we can’t see. As long as we confess Jesus as Lord and have the Spirit of God within us, Satan will do everything he can to destroy our faith.

5 Tips on Handling Angry People

I have observed that worship leaders, pastors, and church planters, live in a constant state of being either angry, depressed or delusional, perhaps because we are often handling angry people.

20 Things Pastors and Worship Leaders Should Say to Each Other More Often

It's easy for a church staff to fall into "silos," where each one does their work and steers clear of other staff members. We might even do a good job within that silo, but the church deserves better. Pastors and worship leaders need to communicate, often--and with encouragement.

Writing Worship Songs: 3 Tips To Get Started

Know your audience, play your instrument well, these are good pointers, but out of the scope of this article. The focus here will be on writing worship songs people want to sing.

12 Ways to Get Rid of Your Worship Leader

A tongue-in-cheek guide to get rid of a worship leader. These are 12 surefire, guaranteed ways to make sure your worship minister never comes back. Discover 12 ways to get rid of your worship leader.

Worshipping With the Great Cloud of Witnesses

Who knew we could find living faith among the dead? You might as well have told me to go to a church filled with zombies. But in the book of Hebrews we learn something amazing: our life of worship is seen by a great cloud of witenesses (Hebrews 12:1-2).

PTZ Cameras for Church — or Camcorders?

Although these are excellent cameras, more and more of these organizations are switching to PTZ cameras for church (pan/tilt/zoom cameras) instead.

How to Design Successful Worship Ministry Goals

Are your worship ministry goals designed for success? Don't handicap your worship ministry with weak goals.  Progress and momentum are closer than you think.

Are You Cheating on God?

Our ultimate heart's desire is the one thing we will sacrifice everything for. You and I are in a relationship with God, a relationship that parallels (and exceeds) the one between a husband and a wife. That being the case, could you be cheating on God?

Don’t Call Me a Worship Leader. Seriously.

I have a concern with the way that we use a couple of particular words: I don’t want to be called a ‘worship leader’ anymore.

Celebrate Your Rite of Passage

I laughed and shared knowing glances and sighs of relief with my fellow graduates, and then we drive back home. But I also learned to celebrate your rite of passage.

Why Your Sunday Setlist Matters

The Sunday setlist you choose each week makes a bigger difference than you might think.

Choosing a Worship Leader – Worship First; Technical Excellence Second

Choosing a worship leader means more than assessing tech skills, or even music skills. I know worship directors that don’t play guitar or piano, yet they lead the whole worship ministry from a soundboard or drum set, in churches of more than 3,000 people!

Cooke Media Group Wins 8 Telly Awards for Feature Documentary & Fundraising Videos

As a creative company, Cooke Media Group has a goal to convey excellence in every form of messaging we produce, whether it’s a fundraising video, broadcast television, film, or documentary.

An Arizona School Board Member Was Told To Stop Quoting the...

Heather Rooks, a Christian who attends a large nondenominational church, says her First Amendment rights to free speech and free exercise of religion have been violated.

Arthur Brooks: Why You Don’t Need To Have a Midlife (Ministry)...

Dr. Arthur Brooks joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share what few people realize about professional decline and how church leaders can make the most of the second half of their lives.

Articles for Worship & Creative