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Worship Planning Tip: U.B.U.

We're playing the same songs, wearing the 'cool' clothes, and calling ourselves original.

'Man-Friendly' Worship

In his 'Ask Rick' column, Saddleback worship pastor Rick Muchow weighs in on masculinity in worship.

Should We Lower the 'Easter' Bar?

We might cave to the pressure to attract visitors, but if we want them to come back, there's a better approach.

Secular Music: Sacred Settings

When we curate our services, we are modeling for those who attend how to interact with society and culture.

Cinematic Saviors

A brief rundown of Jesus on the silver screen through the decades

3 Tips for Writing a Worship Song

Worship songs tend to stick around for centuries, if they're good ones.

3 Reasons to Dust Off That Hymnbook

Looking to recoup a theological rhythm in your worship service? Here's how.

Are You Satisfied Yet?

When it comes to ministry, there's only one three-part litmus test for fulfillment.

The Story Behind "Blessing & Honor"

So much of our praise has to do with what God has done as opposed to simply who He is.

I’m Called to Be Where I’m At

Laying my aspirations before God means dying to them completely.

2011 Outreach Resources of the Year

Outreach magazine announces this year's best resources.

7 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

Charles Lee offers a list of qualities that mark successful leaders.

True Grit Leans on the Everlasting Arms

The Coen Brothers got it. But do you know how they got it? From A.J. Showalter, a music teacher who wrote it in 1887.

Broken Chalice

Jesus calls all who will come to His banqueting table. Who are we to break His cup?

60 Days, 60 Ways, 60 Definitions of Worship

We humans are worshipers by our very nature. Anything less is, well, less.

Margaret Feinberg: My Top 10 Books

Check out Margaret's top ten and share your own favorite books for leaders.

You've Been Outed!

Purity is a co-op between us and God. It is our job to pursue purity, but His to purify us.

Checking Motives in Ministry

Paul Baloche encourages artists and musicians to serve locally for the greatest impact.

Advice to Worship Leaders

Philip Nation offers nine helpful tips for better worship leading.

The Mandy Test: Romance in Worship Lyrics

How far into the 'love song zone' are you comfortable going in worship?

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