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Passion Conferences – “Worship & Justice”

How Passion and World Vision are working toward helping people from Syria.

Elevation Worship—Here as in Heaven (Acoustic)

These songs inspire us to worship with a new sense of expectation and purpose, and to let our lives be the evidence of His presence on earth.

Soul Survivor – “Boldly I Approach” (ft. Rend Collective)

Featuring worship leaders from across the globe including Beth Croft, Tim Hughes, Rend Collective and Tom Smith this album is an exciting chapter in the history of a movement over 20 years old.


"It’s time to celebrate and remember the work of Jesus, the gift of grace and the incredible mercy given to us by the Father."

RELEVANT – “The Song of Worship” (with N.T. Wright)

"Recently, we talked to N.T. Wright about what really happens when we worship. We were so inspired by his words, we made a short film out of them."

Louie Giglio: Laminin Illustration

The stuff that holds our body together is in the perfect shape of cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Hillsong UNITED – “Even When It Hurts (Praise Song)”

"Even when it's hard to find the words, louder then I'll sing Your praise."

Sarah Macintosh – “Fragrance”

"I need to remind myself to go back to Him, stand near Him, to tilt my head back and breathe Him in."

Desperation Band: “Fall into You” ft. John Egan

"Jesus I run to, I run to, and fall into you."

Silent Monks Sing Hallelujah

A silent interpretation of a classic Christmas song.

Josh Barbour: “Stuff Worship Leaders Say – Pt. 2”

A funny look at some of the common phrases you probably hear (or say!) week in and week out.

Dustin Smith – “Breathe on Me”

"Jesus come and breathe on me, I need You to breathe on me."

Andrea Bocelli—Amazing Grace

Andrea Bocelli performs "Amazing Grace" at the iTunes Festival.

Shane Everett Cites Bible Illiteracy as Problem Among Today’s Young Worship Leaders

“I would really like to see Biblical literacy on the forefront of a requirement for someone who takes that position."

John Mark McMillan – “Joy to the World”

"Joy to the World" by John Mark McMillan

Sufjan Stevens – “Joy to the World”

"Joy to the World , the Lord is come!"

Seek God With All Your Heart

"But from there you will seek the LORD your God and you will find him, if you search after him with all your heart and with all your soul."

Leonard Sweet: Church Leaders, God Has Given You This Moment—Don’t Miss...

Dr. Leonard Sweet joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share what our current cultural “volcanoes” mean for the church and why he sees hope amid the chaos.

Worship & Creative Videos