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Free Bible Coloring Pages: 12 Creative Scripture Activities

free Bible coloring pages

Need some free Bible coloring pages? Here are a dozen kid-friendly selections from the popular Beginner’s Bible. Download and print these 12 fun, Scripture-based coloring pages. Kids will enjoy using them at the end of Sunday school class or during worship.

Another option? Send free Bible coloring pages with kids as take-home papers. Parents will enjoy having these resources handy—and can incorporate them into family devotions.

12 Free Bible Coloring Pages

In this pack of free Bible coloring pages, you get…

  1. Full of Life and Fun!
  2. Jesus With the Children
  3. Moses Crosses the Red Sea
  4. Adam and Eve in the Garden
  5. God Made the World
  6. Elephant Helps Noah Clean the Ark
  7. Big Fish Spits Jonah Onto the Shore
  8. The Good Samaritan Helps the Hurt Man
  9. The Good Shepherd Finds His Lost Sheep
  10. The Angel Protects Daniel
  11. Noah and the Ark
  12. Baby Jesus Is Born

Bible Coloring Pages for Children

Keep this 12-page coloring book in PDF format handy as you walk your kids through Scripture. Stories from these Bible coloring pages include Moses parting the Red Sea, Jonah and the big fish, Jesus and the children, and the parable of the Good Samaritan.

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This resource is provided by The Beginner’s Bible

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