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Talking to Kids About the Devil: 3 Important Tips to Remember

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Are you intimidated about talking to kids about the devil? If so, you’re not alone. Satan may seem like a difficult subject for children’s ministries to tackle. But it’s important that we do so, and there’s a right way to do it.

More than half of all Americans believe in the devil. And 8 out of 10 Christians believe in the devil, according to a poll featured in the Washington Examiner.

When talking to kids about Satan, follow these three guidelines:

Tips for Talking to Kids About the Devil

1. Keep it age appropriate.

This is such a simple step, but it’s so important. When talking about Satan (or any Bible passage, for that matter), keep the discussion at a level your kids will understand. Don’t hide or change facts to try to make the topic more acceptable. Instead, word it in such a way that kids can grasp the Bible’s truth.

Lauren Hunter has an amazing article about helping kids dive into some of the Bible’s tougher parts. Check it out before you talk to your kids about the devil and hell.

2. Don’t scare kids into doing right.

There’s no need to go all fire and brimstone on preschoolers. We’ve previously talked about why shaming kids into doing the right thing isn’t the way to go.