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Sunday School Curriculum: How to Choose Materials for Children

Sunday school curriculum
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Choosing Sunday school curriculum for your church is an important decision. Class materials greatly impact your children’s ministry. And these days, solid options abound!

When selecting Sunday school curriculum, you must wade through a lot. Plans are video-based, denomination-based, student-led, volunteer-driven, and more. Plus, material comes in various formats and styles. These include large-group/small-group, traditional classroom, midweek, urban, children’s church, digital, printed.

First, a disclaimer. I don’t believe a “perfect” Sunday school curriculum exists. You won’t find one that meets every criteria. Nothing will suit your ministry perfectly without some editing.

Selecting a Sunday School Curriculum

So what do you do? How do you choose from all the options?

I don’t like to veer to either extreme. Neither all fun (watered-down) or too theologically heavy (over children’s heads, too difficult to teach) is ideal. Instead, I prefer curriculum in the middle. Lessons are biblically sound but fun and engaging.

6 Tips for Selecting Sunday School Curriculum

If you need new Sunday school curriculum, follow these tips:

1. First, know your vision, mission, and core values.

This helps you stay focused on what you need and want. Then the selected curriculum will help you think with that end in mind.

2. Form a team of staff, volunteers, and parents to review options.

Next, bring the right people to the table. The opinions of ministry investors are so valuable. You’ll hear different viewpoints and get more buy-in!