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42 Church Snack Ideas to Feed Any Hungry Crowd


Although food certainly isn’t a main reason people attend your church events and activities, great snacks never hurt. Whether you’re planning coffee-hour fellowship for adults, Sunday school or VBS for children, or gatherings for youth, families or small groups, yummy church snack ideas are always a hit.

Because of food allergies and health considerations, refreshments take a bit of extra thought and planning these days. Policies vary at churches and children’s ministries, with some banning snacks altogether and others requiring parents to bring their own.

Generally, it works well to ask parents or guardians beforehand about any allergies or sensitivities, whether to peanuts, dairy, gluten or food dyes. That way, Sunday school teachers, nursery workers and church-camp staff can make necessary adjustments and provide alternatives for children.

Other considerations with church snack ideas include cost, messiness, cleanup, shelf life and nutritional value. Finger foods tend to work well. And it’s always best to buy in bulk whenever possible. As with life, variety is the “spice” of church snack ideas, so be sure to mix up the menu frequently.

Recruit a foodie from the church or children’s ministry to head up a committee for brainstorming church snack ideas. Also request donations of snacks, making regular announcements about your needs. For a major event such as vacation Bible school, display posterboard containing sticky notes, with one food item listed on each note. Volunteers can select a note or two, purchase the item at a grocery store or big-box retailer, and then drop off the food in the church kitchen or refrigerator.

Ideas abound for church snack ideas, but here’s a hearty list to spark your creative juices.

42 Church Snack Ideas for Children, Youth and Adults

1. Animal crackers

These work well for a variety of themed Sunday school Bible lessons, including Noah’s Ark.

2. Popcorn (not for toddlers or preschoolers)

3. Cheese cubes

4. Pretzels

5. Baby carrots and hummus

6. Fish-shaped crackers

With all the fish-themed stories in the Old and New Testaments, Sunday school teachers will be swimming in ideas for using this snack.

7. Gelatin or pudding (gluten-free options are available)

8. Sliced fruit (avoid grapes for toddlers and preschoolers)

Serve a variety of fruit at a Bible study that focuses on the fruit of the Spirit.

9. Bagels and cream cheese

10. Bell pepper strips and ranch dip

11. Mini sandwiches

12. Sub sandwiches

Hoagies are a great alternative to the old youth group standby of pizza!

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