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Sermon Notes for Children: 11 Free KidMin Resources

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Providing age-appropriate sermon notes is a great way to keep children engaged with worship. These resources also help kids make connections between Scripture and daily life.

If you offer children’s worship bags or kits, include sermon notes and writing utensils to encourage kids to participate in the service. I recommend including a notes printable every week. To add variety for young learners, feel free to change up the look, layout, style, or format each Sunday. Then start over and cycle back through them. Before long, your kids will have favorites!

An online search for “Sermon Notes for Kids” results in literally hundreds of options. To help you narrow down your search, here’s a list of my favorite free notes for kids. Click the links to learn more about these helpful ways to enrich children’s faith lives.

11 Sermon Notes Resources to Explore

1. Emoji Sermon Notes Printable

Source: Deeper KidMin

2. Sermon Notes Bundle

From Deeper KidMin, this resource includes pages for pre-readers.

3. Free Bible Coloring Pages

Source: Sermons 4 Kids

4. Worship Notes for Kids PDF

Source: MMMCrafts

5. Kid’s Sermon Notes Printables

Source: Melissa Schaper

6. Free Sermon Notes for Kids Pages

At Reformed Mama, these pages are available when you sign up for a free subscription.

7. Sermon Notes for Kids

These come from The Village Church. (Click the small “download” button to open the PDF.)

8. Sermon Notes Coloring Page

Source: Children’s Ministry Deals

9. Worship Notes for both Older and Younger Kids

Source: In God’s Image

10. Customizable Sermon Notes for Upper Elementary Kids

These notes from Ashley Lanier are available on Deeper KidMin.

11. Sermon Notes for Home & the Car

Thanks to Melanie DuPree Norman, who shared these in a children’s ministry Facebook group.

The links above are included in our Sermon Notes for Kids Printable Pack. That also includes ideas for creating your own notes, plus three customizable pages of notes.

Looking for more ways to include (and not just occupy) kids in a family worship service? Check out a variety of helpful online ministry training on that topic here.

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