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Indoor Church Games: 14 Fun, Active Ways to Grow Kids’ Faith

7. Snowball Fight

Active indoor church games can remind children of the power of God’s grace.

Bible Connect: Isaiah 1:18

Stuff: You’ll need newspapers, masking tape, a timer, and disposable wipes.

Play: Form two groups. Divide your classroom into two equal-sized areas with a masking tape line. Give each group an equal amount of newspaper. On your signal, let kids make newspaper “snow” balls and quickly throw them back and forth at the opposing team for two minutes. The object is to get more “snow” on the opponent’s side when time’s up.

At the end of the game, have kids collect the newspaper and place it in your church’s recycle bin. Have kids clean their hands with disposable wipes.


  • What did your hands look like after the snowball fight?
  • How is the newspaper like sin?
  • How are the wipes like God’s grace?

8. Sock It to Me

Just as socks protect our feet, kids will discover that God protects us. This is one of our favorite indoor church games!

Bible Connect: Psalm 91:14-15

Play: Ask kids to sit in a tight circle and remove their shoes. Choose two kids to be “It.” They’ll sit on their knees in the center of the circle. The rest of the kids forming the circle must stay seated with their feet in the center of the circle. The object of the game is for the It kids to take off the circle kids’ socks before those kids can get the It kids’ socks off.


  • What kinds of things are you exposed to in the world?
  • How are socks like or unlike God’s love?
  • How does God’s love protect you from inappropriate things?

9. Belly Laugh

This silly game reminds kids that God loves a joyful heart.

Bible Connect: Psalm 9:2Psalm 28:7

Play: Have one child lie on his or her back. Then have another child lie with his or her head on the other child’s belly. Have the remaining kids lie down with their heads resting on another child’s belly.

Choose one person to start the game by shouting, “Ha!” The next person will shout, “Ha, ha!” and each child continues to add a “ha” as they work around the group. Sooner or later the group will burst into laughter, with heads bouncing off bellies with joy.

Cool Down: Let kids take turns telling a funny story or joke. Say that God wants us to experience joy every day through fun and laughter.