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Nursery Sunday School Lesson: Help Little Children Praise God

nursery Sunday school lesson

Use this brief but meaningful nursery Sunday school lesson to teach the littlest ones at your church. Nursery ministry is a vital part of any children’s ministry!

Toddlers are sure to enjoy praising God with these five activities.

Nursery Sunday School Lesson: 5 Activities for Praising God

1. Sing a Song

Form a circle. March around the outside of the circle and sing the following words to the tune of “The Muffin Man”:

Do you know who Jesus loves, Jesus loves, Jesus loves?

Do you know who Jesus loves? Jesus loves [name a child].

Invite the children to each follow you around the circle as they hear their name. When all the children are following you, sing the song once more. Again, name a child each time. Have them each sit down in a circle as you sing their name.

Read aloud Psalm 33:1-3 in an easy-to-understand translation.

Say: Music helps us show Jesus how much we love him. Let’s find out more about that! 

2. Streamer Sticks

Give each child a paper towel or toilet paper tube, different-color crepe paper streamers, and crayons. Have children color their tubes. Then staple the streamers to the end of each child’s tube.

Demonstrate how to use the streamer sticks to create colorful movement. Play music and encourage children to use their streamer sticks to show how the music makes them feel.

3. Hokey-Pokey Pretzels

Give each child three marshmallows and three stick pretzels. Show children how to poke the pretzel stick into the marshmallow and then take it out again.

Teach the following song to the tune of “Hokey Pokey”:

You stick your pretzel in, You take your pretzel out, You stick your pretzel in, And you shake it all about. You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around. That’s what it’s all about!

Sing the song three times. Then have kids turn around, sit down, and eat their snack.