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Sunday School Teacher Appreciation: 3 Great Ideas

Sunday school teacher appreciation

Our children’s ministry programs could not run without the help of wonderful teacher volunteers. Check out the three great Sunday school teacher appreciation ideas below.

These are fun, meaningful ways to honor and love your priceless assistants!

3 Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Ideas to Try

1. Sunday School Teacher Appreciation: Weekly Celebrations 

During Teacher Appreciation Month at our church, we recognize teachers for their sacrifice and dedication in meeting children’s needs. Each Sunday we surprise them with something new.

  • First Sunday: We give them a teacher’s pin with a Bible verse telling how important they are to God.
  • Second Sunday: We give them gifts (all under $2) with notes attached to each wrapped item. For example, for a PayDay candy bar, the note reads “What a payday you’ll have in heaven.”
  • Third Sunday: Kids give the Sunday school staff thank-you letters for being such great teachers. We write letters to children asking them to write a letter to their teacher but to not let them know. Then children send their letters to the church the week before. We deliver the letters to teachers during Sunday school. Our teachers are so pleased to get these letters!
  • Fourth Sunday: During worship, we give a slide presentation showing the teachers interacting with children. We also use this as a tool to recruit more volunteers!
  • Fifth Sunday: The pastor recognizes teachers during Sunday services. The teachers stand as the congregation applauds them.

Teachers comment on how loved and appreciated they feel during this month. Many of them now plan to continue teaching because of their renewed enthusiasm.

Melina Rabon
Covington, Louisiana

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