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VBS Volunteer Gifts: 98 Ways to Say Thank You for Volunteering

VBS volunteer gifts

VBS volunteer gifts are an important way to appreciate program helpers. Saying thank you for volunteering your time and sharing your love also helps ensure that those helpers return!

Gracias! Dankeschon! Merci! In any language, these ideas will help you say thank you for volunteering. So read on for fun ways to express gratitude with VBS volunteer gifts.

“Thanks” is such a simple word, and it comes in many forms. Some are quick and easy; others are more time-consuming and crazy. But you’ll never run out of thank you ideas with almost 100 ways to say it. Pro Tip: Many of these VBS volunteer gifts work for other helpers, such as children’s ministry teachers and parent volunteers.

98 Gifts Your Volunteers Will Love

VBS Volunteer Gifts: Encouragement

  1. Send a postcard made of foam with a special Scripture verse of encouragement.
  2. Provide a place and time for prayer with volunteers before the hectic morning begins.
  3. Plan a team retreat for encouragement and spiritual renewal.
  4. Share encouraging messages or memes on social media.
  5. Have your pastor and governing board commission new volunteers with prayer.
  6. Create a laminated Bible bookmark with a Scripture verse.
  7. Find a prayer partner for each volunteer. Send this card: “[Prayer’s name] is praying just for you and Jesus’ kids!”
  8. On parchment paper, personalize a “Letter from Jesus.”
  9. Create a personalized Scripture card for each person with a positive verse that reminds you of him or her.
  10. Pray for a different VBS volunteer each day. Send a card telling the volunteer you prayed for him or her that day.
  11. Print a poem, cartoon, or encouraging quote on colorful paper for each volunteer.

VBS Volunteer Gifts: Words of Affirmation

  1. Write three to five quick thank you notes each week.
  2. Send volunteers an “Email Greeting Card!”
  3. Make random phone calls just to say thank you for volunteering.
  4. Write a note in bright colors on a blank puzzle, break it apart, and send the pieces.
  5. Use paint pens to write on heart key chains: “We Love YOU!”
  6. Have children complete “You’re special to me because…” slips. Then present the slips to teachers.
  7. Hang vinyl banners that say, “Thanks, children’s ministry volunteers!”
  8. In a children’s ministry celebration service, invite the congregation to show appreciation for VBS volunteers.
  9. Include children’s positive comments about volunteers in your church newsletter.
  10. Send a thank you for volunteering letter to volunteers’ spouses.
  11. Give your teachers the summer off with a big “Thanks you for volunteering! See you next fall!”
  12. Make a Certificate of Appreciation for each volunteer.