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Samson Bible Story for Kids: 19 Resources to Build Strong Faith

Samson Bible story for kids

Looking for a Samson Bible story for kids? The Old Testament account of the last Israelite judge (found in chapters 13 to 16 of Judges) is a classic. Samson’s long locks, his heroic feats, Delilah’s deception, and Samson’s dramatic finale capture kids’ attention while providing important faith lessons.

As with all intense Scripture accounts, age-appropriateness is key for a Samson Bible story for kids. Be sure to engage young learners with resources such as crafts, games, videos, and coloring sheets.

While teaching about Samson and Delilah, remind children where true strength comes from. Point out ways that God intervened in Samson’s life. And pray with kids that God will build their strength “muscles” throughout their lives.

Check out this wide variety of Samson Bible lesson resources for Sunday school and children’s church. Pro Tip: Adapt these 19 ideas for family devotions too!

19 Ideas for a Samson Bible Story for Kids

Bible Stories and Lessons

1. God’s Strong Man

Use this kid-friendly Bible lesson from Sermons4Kids.

2. Samson & Delilah

This material emphasizes the importance of good friends and the danger of peer pressure.

3. Mighty Warrior

The storybook format at this site brings Samson’s exploits to life.

4. Samson the Strong

Here’s a complete Bible lesson for children about Samson.

5. Samson Bible Lesson

Another free lesson about Samson is available for download here.

Samson Videos for Kids

On YouTube, you’ll find a variety of free, kid-friendly videos about the OT hero Samson.

6. Silly Scriptures

This animated video is aimed at younger kids.