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Christmas Outreach Idea for Children’s Ministry: Welcome Home!

Christmas outreach idea

In this Christmas outreach idea, kids will help make their town a welcoming home for new residents. The Bible connection is that Jesus made the earth his home. And at Christmas we welcome him here—and in our hearts!

Scripture: John 1:14

For this Christmas outreach idea, you’ll need:

  • list of contact information for city buildings, post offices, libraries, and so on
  • markers
  • dry-erase board and markers
  • mailing labels
  • manila envelopes
  • church brochures
  • local business coupons (optional)


Prepare ahead by contacting a realtors association to get an idea of how many people move to the area from out of town each month or year. Print that many copies of phone numbers and addresses of important places like city buildings, post offices, libraries, grocery stores, and utility companies. Leave room at the bottom of the page. Also print information about your Christmas services on mailing labels.

Reach Out With This Christmas Outreach Idea

With kids, read John 1:14. Say: Jesus came to earth in a stable, with cloths for blankets and shepherds as the welcoming committee. Even though a barn isn’t the most cozy place to call home, he had people around to make his home on earth welcoming. Let’s do the same thing for new people in our town. To welcome them, we’ll make some welcome packets.

First, have kids vote on their favorite restaurants, parks, and other family-friendly places. Write the winning two votes of each category on a dry-erase board. Next, distribute the copies of the phone number and address sheet. Have kids write at the bottom “We also recommend:” with the names of places that won the most votes.

Then have kids decorate manila envelopes with phrases such as “Welcome to our town!” or “Get to know your new home!” Kids can also decorate the envelopes with wreaths, Christmas trees, ornaments, stars, and other seasonal pictures. Fill manila envelopes with one address sheet and a church brochure per envelope.

Include information about your church services by printing details on a mailing label. Then stick it on your church brochure. Have kids hold the envelopes and pray for the people who will receive them.