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Story of Mary and Joseph: 12 Christmas Lessons for Children

story of Mary and Joseph

The story of Mary and Joseph is a key part of the story of Christmas. Yes, the main focus should always be on Jesus when we’re teaching children about the Incarnation and Nativity. But Jesus’ earthly parents have important lessons to teach kids of all ages.

First, the story of Mary and Joseph reminds us to obey God in all circumstances. Though young and afraid, Mary joyfully embraced the important job of bearing God’s Son. Though his reputation was at stake, Joseph obeyed the angel and took Mary as his wife. And though a journey to Bethlehem was difficult while expecting a baby, the couple obeyed earthly authorities too. Then in humble surroundings, they brought forth the newborn Savior.

This “good news of great joy” (Luke 2:10) is for all people—including our children. So use these 12 kid-friendly resources about the story of Mary and Joseph to enrich your Sunday school Christmas lessons.

12 Resources for the Story of Mary and Joseph

Adapt these materials for your own classes and groups.

1. An Angel Visits Mary

This Sunday school lesson is based on Luke 1:30-32. Children will learn about the surprising news an angel delivers to Mary.

2. Great Expectations

The Annunciation can be a challenging topic to teach younger kids. So use this free material, based on Matthew 1:18-24.

3. The Name Jesus

With this object lesson, students discover why Mary and Joseph were told to name their baby Jesus. That name reflects the good news that Jesus brings salvation and forgiveness.

4. Little Lamb

This lesson, ideal for preschoolers, teaches kids that Jesus is the Lamb of God.

5. The Greatest Gift

Children love presents, especially on Christmas. As you teach them the story of Mary and Joseph, tell them that Jesus is our greatest gift.

6. Story of Mary and Joseph

Use this free lesson about the birth of Jesus to teach kids about our Savior’s earthly parents.