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Friendship Activities Preschool Children Will Love: 3 Fun Ideas

2. PJ Party

Delight preschoolers with this pajama party specifically designed for kids their age.

You’ll need:

  • tub
  • salt
  • funnels
  • clay
  • stuffed toy sheep
  • dress-up clothes
  • pizza

Invite preschoolers to the church for a pajama party. Kids can wear their favorite pj’s and bring a favorite stuffed sleep friend.

Set up four stations with the following activities: a tub full of salt with funnels, clay to create pottery, stuffed sheep (or real sheep if you have access to them!), and dress-up clothes. Form four small groups and rotate the groups to the different stations. They represent how God created us to be salt, clay, sheep, and made in his image. After the stations, have kids gather for pizza before they go home to their own beds.

Leslie Roach
Lubbock, Texas

3. Beach Ball: Have a Ball

This simple experience lets preschoolers put faces with the names of kids in their class.

You’ll need:

  • a beach ball

Form a circle and pass around the beach ball. When kids have the ball, they say their name before passing it to the person next to them. Go around the circle twice so kids can hear others’ names. Then challenge kids to throw the ball to someone not sitting next to them and say that child’s name. Preschoolers will love the ball play as they learn others’ names.

Christy Olson
North Branch, Minnesota

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