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Friendship Activities Preschool Children Will Love: 3 Fun Ideas

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Need friendship activities preschool kids will enjoy? Then check out these three age-appropriate friendship-building ideas.

Children’s ministry leaders know the importance of building lasting relationships with kids. Check out three of our favorite friendship-building activities for preschoolers below!

Friendships Under Construction

If you’ve ever visited a construction site, you know it’s a busy and active place. Each day brings new developments and progressive changes as builders work toward the finished product. Some essential elements of construction go unseen, such as soil treatments or the hidden energy source that’s buried underground. But excitement grows as builders pour concrete, place beams, and hang drywall—all visual reminders of a solid, lasting structure held together with countless nuts and bolts.

Construction takes tools, effort, and time. A building doesn’t spring up overnight. Kids’ relationships also need tools, effort, and time to build. It can be challenging for Sunday school students to build lasting friendships, though, when they may see each other for only one hour a week. But relationships, especially well-constructed ones, are what draw kids to your ministry. That’s why friendship activities preschool kids will love are so important. Bonds with other people ultimately help kids experience the most important relationship of all—their relationship with Jesus.

So why not make kids’ relationships the foundation in the solid, lasting structure of your ministry? Friendships are the true nuts and bolts of what shores up your program. These great ideas are from children’s ministers like you. Use these friendship activities preschool kids will love to give kids a blueprint to build lasting, solid relationships with other kids at your church.

3 Friendship Activities Preschoolers Will Love

1. Hula Hoop: Friends in Common

This experience helps kids form friendships with others who have common interests.

You’ll need:

  • hula hoops
  • a variety of play items, such as blocks, dolls, books, or art supplies

Place common items, such as blocks or dolls, inside a hula hoop ring. As children arrive, let them choose a circle area to play in until you begin the lesson. Having a specific space for kids to play together will encourage them to form relationships with others who have similar play interests.

Mary Davis
Montrose, Iowa