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Children’s Sermon for St. Patrick’s Day: The Story of the Shamrock

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This children’s sermon for St. Patrick’s Day also works great as a family devotion or Sunday school lesson. Kids will learn how St. Patrick used a shamrock to teach about the Trinity.

St. Patrick’s Day Children’s Sermon

Scripture: Romans 8:15John 3:16John 20:21-22

You’ll need:

  • Bible
  • 3 heart stickers per person
  • picture of a shamrock

The Story of St. Patrick

Say: I’d like to tell you about a boy named Patrick. He was born in Great Britain, and his dad and grandfather both worked in a church. When Patrick was about 16, pirates captured him! The pirates took him to Ireland and sold him! Captured by pirates and enslaved—can you imagine? I’m guessing that Patrick’s life didn’t turn out the way he’d planned.


  • Tell us about a time things didn’t go the way you’d planned.

Say: After six years, Patrick escaped and decided to follow God. During the six years he’d been enslaved, Patrick never lost faith. In fact, he prayed every day.


  • What do you pray about every day?

Say: Even though his entire life changed, Patrick wasn’t angry or hateful toward the people of Ireland. Instead, he wanted to teach them about God! Legend says one clever way he did that was by using things they were familiar with. Patrick wanted people to understand how God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are one.

The Significance of the Shamrock

Hold up a picture of a shamrock. Explain that a shamrock in Ireland would be as common as a blade of grass to us.

Read aloud Romans 8:15. Hand each child a heart sticker, and have kids place the sticker on the back of their hands. Explain that this sticker represents God, our Father.