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Family Olympics Ideas: 6 Awesome Summer Games to Try With Kids

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4. Olympic Lumberjack Log Toss

Goal: Families throw logs to achieve the longest combined distance.


  • logs cut into a variety of lengths (can be used as firewood for a hot dog roast later)
  • bandanas (1 per family)

Advantage: The family with the most members.

The Game: Have one family complete all their tosses before going on to the next family. Have the first family line up behind the starting line. The first family member selects an appropriate log and tosses it lumberjack style toward the finish line. Family members can build up extra momentum by taking a few steps before the toss, but their feet can’t cross the starting line.

Next, the second family member chooses a log and throws it from the point where the first log landed. Continue until everyone in the family has tossed. Flag the family’s final toss and have the next family compete. Award medals to the three families with the longest distances.

5. 20-Meter Tunnel Olympic Relay

Goal: Family members line up and take turns crawling through each other’s legs in a race to cross the finish line.

Supplies: none

Advantage: Families with older children.

The Game: All families line up behind the starting line and begin at the same time. Have each family face the starting line and line up with family members about 3 feet from one another, stretching from the starting line toward the finish line. The person closest to the starting line crawls under the legs of all the other family members who are standing in line.

After the crawler has reached the end of the tunnel, she must stand up and become part of the tunnel. Then the person closest to the starting line does the same thing. Continue until one standing family member crosses the finish line and the tunneling family member crawls across the finish line. Award medals to the three families who finish first.

6. Greased Pig Pass

Goal: Each family passes a “pig” from one family member to another to achieve the most transfers of the pig.


  • a watch with a second hand
  • cooking oil
  • water-filled elongated balloons
  • a wading pool

Place the balloons in the wading pool and pour the cooking oil over them.

Advantage: Everyone is equally challenged.

The Game: Play this game one family at a time. Give each family 30 seconds to complete as many handoffs as possible. Count successful transfers from one person to the next. If the pig is popped or dropped, that pass is incomplete. Families pick up a new balloon and continue counting. Award medals to the three families with the most transfers.

BONUS: Go for the Gold

To make “medals” for these family Olympics ideas, you’ll need:

  • tagboard
  • scissors
  • a single-hole punch
  • a black permanent marker
  • gold, silver, and bronze spray paint

For each medal, you’ll need:

  • a 1/4-inch strand of ribbon cut in 24-inch lengths

Cut a 4-inch diameter circle from the tagboard. Use this as a pattern to trace and cut out the circles. You’ll need three circles for each game, and a circle for each family member. Spray paint one circle for each family member gold for the “Banner Bonanza” event. With the remaining circles, spray paint one-third gold, one-third silver, and one-third bronze.

After the paint dries, punch a hole near the top of each medal and tie on a ribbon strand. Use a black permanent marker to write each event name in the center of the appropriate medals.

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