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Family Olympics Ideas: 6 Awesome Summer Games to Try With Kids

family Olympics ideas

Family Olympics ideas are a hit during the summer months, even if it’s not an Olympics year. No matter how small or large, young or old, in shape or out of shape families are, these fun games are for everyone.

The family Olympics ideas below are specially designed so everyone can be a medalist in at least one event. The games will strengthen family members’ relationships and build inter-family bonds through fun competition.

Begin the family Olympics ideas with prayer and a Scripture verse. Also light a candle (aka flame) to signify the beginning of the games. The administrators of the games double as the judges. At the conclusion of each event, present a medal to the first-, second-, and third-place winning families.

PRO TIP: See “Go for the Gold” at the end for a cheap, easy way to make medals for family Olympics ideas.

6 Family Olympics Ideas for Children’s Ministry

1. Banner Bonanza

Goal: Each family creates a banner that reflects the most valuable characteristics of their family.


For each family, fill a bag with:

  • craft glue (specified for use with felt)
  • scissors
  • a 24×36-inch piece of white felt
  • 8×10-inch pieces of red, blue, green, yellow, and black felt
  • a black permanent marker
  • Olympic-style music

Advantage: Everyone wins!

The Game: Give each family a supply bag and 20 minutes to create a family banner. Using the felt squares, families must create a design with a specific section for each family member—similar to a family crest. Have family members each tell what they think is the most valuable characteristic of their family. Each family member can draw a picture or write a word to describe their characteristic in their section.

After the banners are finished, play Olympic-style music and have families parade around in a circle to display their banners and imitate the Olympics Opening Ceremonies. Award each family member a gold medal for this event.

2. Olympic Hula Hoop Hold-Up

Goal: Each family gets all its members into a hula hoop and races across the finish line.


  • hula hoops (1 per family)

Advantage: Families with smaller people.

The Game: Designate the starting line and use a long piece of crepe paper to mark the finish line. All families line up behind the starting line and begin at the same time. Have all the people in each family get into their family’s hula hoop and race to the finish line. Award medals to the first three families to cross the finish line.

3. Olympic Piggyback Race

Goal: Dads or the strongest family members race to carry each of their family members across the finish line.

Supplies: none

Advantage: Families with younger or fewer children.

The Game: Have all the families line up behind the starting line. The father must carry one of his family members across the finish line with only his feet touching the ground, return for the next family member, and repeat the process until all family members are across the finish line. Award medals for the first three families to have all their family members across the finish line.