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Church Fall Festival Games: 10 Harvest Activities for Children’s Ministry

More Church Fall Festival Games for Kids

6. Team Bingo

Ages 4 and up

Form teams of equal size. Then ask the questions in the list below. (You may need to add more questions depending on children’s responses.) If children can answer yes to any question, have them stand up. Children can stand for only one question. When all the team members on a team are standing, the team yells, “Bingo!”

The questions:

  • Are you wearing braces?
  • Do you have a barrette in your hair?
  • Are you wearing shoes without shoelaces?
  • Did you eat breakfast this morning?
  • Did you make your bed today?

7. Caterpillar Relay

Ages 5 and up

Form teams of three or more. Next, have each team stand in a single-file line. Give each team a roll of bathroom tissue. Have teammates wrap the tissue around the first person in line, then pass and wrap the tissue around the next person in line. Continue until everyone on the team is wrapped, then wrap the tissue around the entire team to bind the team together.

Once the caterpillars are formed, have teams race to a specified spot. Each team must complete the race as a unified group or start over.

8. Fall Festival Harvesting Game

Ages 7 and up

Form teams of 10. Have teammates stand side by side in their team’s line. Give everyone a 24-inch piece of yarn or string. Have teammates tie their ankles to each other. If children are wearing lace-up shoes, they can tie their shoelaces together. Once each team is tied together, have the team walk together to a specified goal line.

9. Progressive Banquet

Ages 6 and up

For this fun Fall Festival meal, ask church families to prepare and serve a different part of a meal at their homes or in different rooms of your church.

Have children meet at your church about 4:30 p.m. Then load the kids in vans or your church bus with plenty of adult supervision. Have your group travel together or split into smaller groups and travel to different areas at the same time.

Food Stops:

  1. Drinks and appetizers: This can be as simple as cheese and crackers or raw veggies and dip.
  2. Salad: Serve fruit or tossed salad with ice water.
  3. Main course: Serve child-friendly fares such as sandwiches and chips or pizza. Have plenty of soft drinks.
  4. Dessert: Finally, kids can make their own ice cream sundaes.

For added fun at each stop, have children perform for their hosts, using these performance ideas.

  1. Kids sing “Amazing Grace.”
  2. On the front lawn, kids build a giant pyramid with their bodies.
  3. Kids sing “Jesus Loves Me”—backward!
  4. Kids each tell one thing that God has done in their lives (guests can be exempt from this one).

10. Scavenger Hunt for Charity

Ages 8 and up

Form teams of four kids and one adult. Then have teams go to homes in the church neighborhood or go in vans to church members’ homes. Each team must collect only one food item at each stop. Once all the items are collected, teams meet back at your church. Then donate all the food to a local charity.

The food list per team member:

  • vegetable can
  • fruit can
  • soup can
  • cake mix
  • box of cereal or another breakfast item

Mary J. Davis
Montrose, Iowa

This article about church fall festival games originally appeared here.