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Making Friends in Sunday School: 3 Icebreaker Games for Children

2. Making Friends: One of a Kind

This game gets kids talking to and learning about one another as they work to quickly get the same colors of pompoms.

Scripture: Mark 16:15


  • pompoms, assorted colors (or individually wrapped, colorful candies!) (5 per child)
  • small sandwich bags (1 per child)

Fun Facts and Pompoms

First, ask a helper to assist you in quickly distributing five pompoms of assorted colors to each child. Also give each child a small bag to hold their pompoms.

Say: This game has only two rules. First, you try to get five pompoms that are the same color by trading with others. Second, you can only trade with someone else by telling that person one thing he or she doesn’t know about you. For example, if I was trying to collect yellow, and [name of child] had a yellow pompom to trade with me, I’d tell [name of child] something about me, like my favorite sport.

Ask children if they have any questions. Then begin the game.

When most children have all their pompoms of one color or are getting close, call time. Be careful not to make this game competitive. The goal is to learn about others, not to get the most pieces of like-colored pompoms. One way to stay away from competition is to stop the game before anyone has all one color.


After playing this game, ask kids to find a partner who was trying to collect the same color of pompom. Then have pairs discuss the following questions:

  • How did it feel to tell others something they didn’t know? Why?
  • What can we tell others about God that they might not know?
  • Who can we tell about God’s love and forgiveness?

Say: In our game, we went to our friends to tell them something new about us. In the Bible, Jesus tells us to go into the world and tell others about God’s love and forgiveness.