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Sunday School Prayers: 5 Creative Ways Children Can Connect With God

More Ideas for Sunday School Prayers

4. Scatter-Gory Prayers

Write the following categories on separate cards made from half-sheets of poster board:

  • family members
  • favorite places
  • things about school
  • things about church
  • my talents
  • who God is
  • what God has done

Next, form groups of three. Give each group a pencil and a sheet of paper. Have each group choose a “Counter.” Then tell the kids you’re going to have a praise-fest. You’ll flash a card, and all the groups will say as many things as they can think of to praise God for in the category shown. Each group’s Counter will tally the spoken responses as they’re given.

When you’re out of cards, ask each group to count their tally marks. Combine all the groups’ numbers. Finally, close in prayer. “Lord, thank you for the things we praised you for. Help us never stop looking for ways to praise you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

5. Pick a Prayer

Have each child write one prayer request on a paper strip. Roll up each request, and insert the slip into the mouth of a balloon or resealable bag. Then blow up and tie off the balloons, or inflate and seal the bags.

At prayer time, form pairs. Toss the balloons or bags in the air as you play music. Stop the music and have each person grab one. Let the pairs pop their balloons or open their bags. Then pray for the requests.

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