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Faithful Fridays: Help Parents Hold Weekly Devotions for Kids

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Faithful Fridays lead to faith-filled families. What are Faithful Fridays? Think of them as a new type of family tradition—one that focuses on Bible reading, prayer, and spiritual growth.

Today’s families are often busy and stressed. Amid hectic daily life with children, parents may skimp on family devotions. Or they might leave the task of nurturing kids spiritually to your children’s ministry.

That’s where your team comes in! Kidmin leaders and Sunday school teachers can empower moms and dads. Let parents know that with minimal time commitment, they can carve out space for building faith at home.

Faithful Fridays Nurture Children Spiritually

Introducing children to Jesus and the faith journey is essential. But parents might feel inadequate to teach their kids or host family devotions. So help parents in your church form a strong spiritual foundation for children.

Follow these tips as you introduce Faithful Fridays to families in your church.

1. Value and celebrate parents.

First, remind parents how much they matter. Children rely on adults in their lives to introduce them to their Savior. Kids need everyday role models who show what it means to love and trust Jesus.

Yes, church and Sunday school are important. But parents have the responsibility—and privilege—of being the No. 1 nurturers of children’s spiritual beliefs.

2. Harness the importance of routine.

Next, emphasize that kids need structure and schedules. They thrive when they know what to expect. So that’s one reason children look forward to weekly worship and Sunday school classes. They’re eager to be with friends while learning about the Bible.

Similarly, weekly devotions establish a routine that children anticipate. Carving out dedicated time for discussing faith yields fruit in the lives of kids and parents. As families intentionally connect with God, they grow in faith together.

3. Realize that faith development happens in many ways.

Weekly family devotions on Faithful Fridays can take many forms. Advise parents against lecturing to children about obedience. Instead, kids can play active roles in meaningful devotion times.

For example, Faithful Fridays can include Christian videos that then spark discussions. Games, role-playing, crafts, prayer, and journaling also will be a hit. Parents can adapt activities for their children’s ages and learning styles. They can piggy-back on what kids are learning on Sundays or choose other topics.