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Easter Devotions With Impact: 3 Surprising Lessons for Children

Easter devotions
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Easter devotions help families and children discover more about Jesus. Our Savior who rose from the dead offers his followers surprising benefits. So share the surprise and joy of the Resurrection with kids at your church.

These Easter devotions take only a few minutes. Families can use them at any time that’s convenient. Plus, these devotions will spark great discussions, create new memories, and help families celebrate Easter.

3 Easter Devotions Just for Families

1. Surprising Smiles

First, let kids know that Jesus wants us in his family!

Take family photos and talk about God’s family.

You’ll need:

  • a smartphone or camera
  • a world map

Take a bunch of family photos. Be silly, be serious, and just have super fun! Capture your family doing things they like to do best.

Then gather to look at the pictures together. Maybe do this around a smartphone screen so everyone can see the photos.

Talk About It

  • If a stranger looked at these pictures, what would that person learn about our family?
  • What do you like about being in our family?
  • Have a family hug and thank God for each other!

Read aloud Ephesians 1:3-8.

Surprise! When we’re friends with Jesus, we’re part of God’s big family!

  • Make a list of other people you know who are part of God’s family.
  • People all around the world are part of God’s family! Have each family member choose a specific country. Then pray for your brothers and sisters in Jesus who live there.

Pray: Thank Jesus for the surprising offer to be a part of God’s family.

2. Surprising Shadows

Next, share the message that Jesus is always with you!

Use flashlights to create family fun!

You’ll need:

  • flashlights

Wait until dark. Then pull out a few flashlights. Have fun making shadow animals or other creations on the walls. Can you tell family members apart only by their shadows? What does it look like when you spin around and around while making a shadow? Next, play a game where you try to imitate the shadow of another person in your family.

Talk About It

  • Our shadows are always with us—unless it’s completely dark. What other things are always with us?

Read aloud Matthew 28:20.

  • What’s surprising to you about Jesus saying this?
  • When are you most thankful for Jesus always being with you?

Pray: For the next few days, notice when your shadow appears. Take time to thank Jesus for being with you at that very moment.