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Church Visitor Follow Up Strategy: Maximize KidMin Outreach Events

2. First Contact

Making an initial contact within 48 hours is critical after an outreach event. “Follow up within two days of their visit,” advises Dale Hudson, co-author of Turbocharged! “If you wait more than two days, you’re diminishing the chances for return.”

Proven Retention Strategy

Use these church visitor follow up strategy techniques to retain guests.

• Capture information. Use a direct route by having everyone register at the door. Or get creative by inviting everyone to register for a door prize. Also, you can take a photo of every family. Then get their contact information to send the photo to them.

• Call parents. Thank parents for attending your event or for allowing their child to attend. Explain who you are and what your role is. Ask if they have any questions about your church.

• Call the child. Always ask the parent for permission to speak with a child. When speaking with children, identify them by name. Then introduce yourself and your role at the church. Keep your conversation simple.

• Invite the family to return. If you sense the family isn’t interested in attending church, let them know about a nonthreatening opportunity to return, such as a family barbecue or a playgroup. If you sense they’re interested in attending church, then invite them to your weekend service and provide information.

Once you’ve established an initial phone contact, follow up that week with an e-mail, postcard or letter. Communication is key for every church visitor follow up strategy.

I Got You Kits

Have church families “adopt” all your guests. Make a kit with each child’s vital statistics: birthday, age, likes, interests, address, phone number, parents’ e-mail address and family information. Then connect each child with a church family. Families can use the kits to get to know their adopted guests throughout the year and encourage them to come to worship and Sunday school.

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