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The Biggest Thing That Will Bring Back Easter Guests

bring back Easter guests

Are you poised to bring back Easter guests after Easter Sunday? You will probably have a good number of guests on Easter weekend … along with some CEOs (Christmas and Easter only). The big question to ask: “How can we get them to return and become regular attendees? What is the biggest factor in getting them to come back?

Is it an event? A follow-up phone call? A nice letter sent to their home? A personal visit?

There is nothing wrong with these things … but they are not the main thing that will draw families back to your ministry.

The number one thing that will draw your Easter guests back is your FRIENDLINESS.

How do you teach your team to exude friendliness?

Bring Back Easter Guests With These Four Friendly Tips

1. Put 100 percent of your focus on people when they are in front of you.

Have you ever walked into a store and the person was on the phone, engaged in conversaton with someone else or doing paperwork … and they didn’t even acknowledge your presence?

It makes you feel devalued. You feel like you are “bothering” the person.

And it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, doesn’t it? It may even cause you not to return.

Again, train your team to be 100 percent focused on people. If they are helping someone and another family walks up, acknowledge the new family’s presence.

“Hi! How are you today? So glad you’re here. I’ll be right with you.”

2. Make sure everyone is smiling. 

Scowls, frowns or an “I really don’t care” look will deter people from coming back. Teach your team that voice inflection communicates value.

How you say what you say matters. It translates into, “You are bothering me,” or “I care about you.”

3. Always walk … never point.

Don’t tell guests where to go … take them there. And engage them in meaningful conversation on the way.

4. Answer questions. 

There are no dumb questions. And never say “I don’t know” and leave a family hanging. Instead, say, “I’m not sure, but let me find out for you.”

A lack of courtesy, friendliness and sincere engagement will ruin your chances of a guest family coming back.

It doesn’t matter how many times you call, send a letter or do a follow-up email. If they are not treated with courtesy and kindness on their first visit, the chance of them returning is slim to none.

I’ll be reinforcing all of this with our team before Easter. They do great … but I must continue to emphasize these values.

I would encourage you to have this converstion with your team as well. Do so, and you’ll see more Easter guests return.