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Kids in Your Ministry Won’t Tell You These 10 Things: Listen Up!

8. We find it much easier to pay attention when you keep us engaged with questions, stories and humor.

We think you’re a great Sunday school teacher. But you’re a whole lot more fun to listen to when you remember that we are kids. We love to be engaged in your teaching and ministry. So use us as volunteers in the Bible lesson.

9. We really like it when you act crazy and have fun.

We think you’re a pretty cool person. We’ve seen you acting crazy and having fun with us, and that’s the version of you we like best.

10. We especially like when you take time to talk to us individually and show us you care.

That’s why we look forward to you coming to greet us and ask about our week. We like feeling that you know we’re there and seeing you go out of your way to make sure we know it.

These things are important to us, and we want them to be important to you as well. Come prepared to invest in us, because we’re like sponges waiting to be filled.

Be ready to have fun and make memories with us. More than we’ll remember the impact of your lessons, we’ll remember you and the impact of your love. Please be patient with us, even when we least deserve it, because we’re filtering our view of God’s love through your life.

Sunday school teachers and kidmin workers: You are important! You are shaping us! We are the future. So please invest wisely.