Point Them to the Light

children's pastor

This past weekend as I talked with some senior pastors about laying the foundation for a vibrant children’s ministry, one of the topics we covered was what to look for in a children’s pastor or the person who will take the lead as the congregation reaches out to bring kids into God’s kingdom. Although we tend to look for one person to fill that roll, the position could very well be two people who will work in partnership. Whether it’s one person or two, there are qualities, talents and attitudes that need to be present. Over the next several blogs, we’ll go through these qualities. You may find that there are some areas you need to work on, or maybe find someone to assist you with those strengths. These qualities are in no particular order, but tonight, let’s talk about the enormously important ability to “Point Kids to the Light.” A great children’s pastor never fails to point kids to the true Light.

A Good Children’s Pastor Points to the True Light

Have you ever heard about the environmental problem that arose around the loggerhead turtle? These turtles come ashore down the coast of California to lay their eggs. (God must have had fun coming up with their unique hatching routine.) The eggs lay buried in the sand until one night when the baby turtles crack through the shells. Once out of the shells, they run like mad toward the ocean…the water that will be their home. But, there arose a problem. As the coast of California became more populated and the Pacific Coast Highway got busier and busier, something changed with the turtles. When they came out of their shells, instead of running toward the ocean, they headed straight for the highway and their doom. You see, God had created this system of hatching so that the tiny turtles instinctively knew to run toward the light (of the moon). But the lights from the highway were brighter than the light of the moon, so they headed toward the brighter light…the false light…the light that brought disaster.

Those who work with children should always point children toward the true Light—the One we call The Light—our Savior Jesus Christ. As you communicate with children, there should never be any confusion over who is the Light of the World. Out of their confusion, they may follow another light, which will only lead them way from God and into disastrous times without Him. If you are a children’s pastor, make sure you point the kids in your care toward the only One who can light their way to a relationship with God. Our job is to protect our kids from being drawn to any false light that will lead them away from the way God intended them to go.

May God drench you in His blessings as you point kids to the One True Light.

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