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Family Church Service Ideas for Keeping Everyone Together

4. Family Activities

If your church isn’t ready yet to host a Family Sunday or Family Worship Experience, try hosting monthly Family Activities. The idea is to have families spend time together either with or around the larger faith community, around service to the larger community, or around worship and the Word. By focusing on these themes on a rotating basis, you can help your families spend intentional time together around the topics of faith, community, and outreach.

For example, one month you could host a Family Game Night at church. The next might involve an activity that families can do at home. It can include a Faith Talk and time in God’s Word. Then the next month, you can offer a community-outreach service experience that families can do together. By offering a variety of ways for families to unite around themes of faith, community and service, you begin cultivating times of faith formation for the whole family.

5. Family Service Projects

What better way to bring families together than in opportunities to serve Christ and others? Families can serve in a wide variety of ways. Check with your local food pantries and Salvation Army to see if families can stock shelves or organize donations. Many local soup kitchens and churches that serve meals welcome family groups as volunteers. Also check with local ministries that serve poor and homeless people to see how families can offer assistance.

Engaging families in serving together is one of the most transformational and meaningful ways to connect faith with everyday life. Plus, it creates family bonds that last long after the time of serving ends.

Many more family church service ideas exist! So please share in the comments ways your church engages families in worship and faith formation together!

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