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Fortnite…What You Can Learn From the Video Game That’s a Cultural Phenomenon


There’s a culture phenomenon that you need to be aware of. It’s wildly popular among kids.

It’s a video game titled Fortnite Battle Royale. The game has become an obsession for millions of kids.

How popular is it? So popular that parents are hiring coaches for their kids to help them get better at the game. Parents are paying up to $50/hr. for game mentoring.

And you can be sure of one thing—the reason parents are paying for coaches is because their kids are in their ear about it. Kids are facing peer pressure at school to be a great Fortnite gamer.

If you’re not familiar with the game, gamers compete in 100-player groups to be last character standing. The game is available for PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, iPhone and Nintendo Switch.

Players can purchase accessories like gliders and pickaxes to help them win. The items are purchased with a game currency called V-Bucks.

Stats show that over 125 million people are playing the game and it’s on track to bring in 2 billion dollars this year.

Anytime something is this big of a hit, it is important to ask “Why?” What elements does the game incorporate that are such a big draw for kids? What can we learn from this as we seek to connect with today’s kids?

Let’s take an inside look at what elements of the game are drawing so many kids in and see how we can translate some of those elements into our ministries.

Creating a personal story. Each person’s avatar is immersed in a world of travail and adventure. Kids often share with their parents what happened in the game. The fact that kids can create their own story and see it unfold in the game is a big draw.

Children’s Ministry – God has a special story for each child’s life. We can prepare them for the adventure God has planned for them now and as they grow up. Encourage kids to pursue and step into the story God has for them.

Part of a community. The game is designed to be played collectively. Kids can play with other gamers.

Children’s Ministry – Kids long to belong. You have the opportunity to help kids experience community through your classes and small groups. While high-energy, exciting large group times are important, it is not enough by itself. Kids also need to be in a small group where they are known, loved and invested in.