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Do a Fall Festival During Church: Try This Creative Approach

Station 2: Potato Sack Races

I don’t know if this is technically a fall game. But it’s sure fun to watch kids and leaders compete.

Station 3: Gaga Ball

Basically we set five plastic tables on their sides in a pentagon shape, which makes up the boundaries. Then kids hit a ball around, trying to hit someone else below the knees to get them out. It has a wide age-range appeal, and both girls and boys love it! The official rules are here: https://www.gagacenter.com/nyc/about/what-is-gaga/

Station 4: Cookie Walk

If you’ve ever done a cake walk, this is the same thing except with cookies. Basically, the kids step from number to number while music is playing. When the music stops, a leader pulls a random number from a hat. Whoever is standing on that number gets to come to a table of cookies and pick one.

Mission Accomplished!

At the end of the day, doing a Fall Festival during church, instead of separately, accomplishes the same goals. Our families are inviting people from our community. We’re able to have a natural time for sharing and hearing the gospel. Instead of inviting people to a church service, parents already get to experience one while their kids have a great time.

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